• ProMLGperson17

    Super Skyrim Stupidity

    February 24, 2017 by ProMLGperson17

    I was an idiot when i first played Skyrim. I saw the High Elf and the description and though "ooh magic sounds fun". i used the stupidest idea for a character, a sneaking, heavy armored, spellsword, assassin, thief, High Elf. i went to riverwood and did the first thing everybody does in skyrim, i killed a chicken. i didnt realize my last save was exiting that cave in helgen. i went back to riverwood, and i accidentally stole something from alvor, when i was trying to hold it. i didnt fight, i didnt reload i held a iron dagger in the air and ran away. I put down the controller and never played till 2 years later, 2013 when i saw it at wal-mart and thought "hey didn't i play that at my cousins? maybe i should get it" nedless to say i got it,…

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