I was an idiot when i first played Skyrim. I saw the High Elf and the description and though "ooh magic sounds fun". i used the stupidest idea for a character, a sneaking, heavy armored, spellsword, assassin, thief, High Elf. i went to riverwood and did the first thing everybody does in skyrim, i killed a chicken. i didnt realize my last save was exiting that cave in helgen. i went back to riverwood, and i accidentally stole something from alvor, when i was trying to hold it. i didnt fight, i didnt reload i held a iron dagger in the air and ran away. I put down the controller and never played till 2 years later, 2013 when i saw it at wal-mart and thought "hey didn't i play that at my cousins? maybe i should get it" nedless to say i got it, and the stupidity continued. Right now as im typing this im playing hide and go seek with a dragon on legendary difficulty, so one could argue im still dumb, (cough legendary difficulty at level 2 cough) and last night i stayed up till 2 Am, starting at about 7 Pm and i looked for all pages of saint jiubs opus in skyrim. also my internet wasnt working, so no looking it up. i found most pages by accident, i just needed 5 & 9. i was going insane " where are they where are they where are they" i was standing on page 5. i looked it up 30 minutes later when i woke up to prepare for school. i realized i was standing on there. standing... on what i spent roughly 7 hours looking for, listening to the last thing i had listened to before my internet stopped working, some skyrim dawnguard rap. also, lol 4:20 pm in skyrim as im typing this. another stupid thing of me, the Locket Of Saint Jiub GIVES ME ARMOR and CARRY WEIGHT! and im not wearing it, when i need all the carry weight i can get.

Thats all for now, and i want to thank Skyrim for giving me my love for Bethesda Games, and video games in general. also its helped me realize what i want to do when i grow up, which is work with visuals in videogames.