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    Bethesda has released a new update for the PC version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which stops the use of third-party patches that change the executable file.

    If you update your copy of Skyrim you will be unable to use third party patches that change the executable file in order to improve graphics and performance etc, such as one patch that allows the game to use more than 2GB of RAM in order to run more performance demanding mods. The update also forces all versions of the game to use Steam in order to prevent piracy so people can no longer circumnavigate the service.


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    Here is another preview of skyrim. It is from nowgamer.This is what it says:-

    "As hardened Elder Scrolls fans, we’re well aware of the power it possesses. As you play an Elder Scrolls game, hours turn into days, which then turn into months; it’s a mystery how Bethesda manages to pack so much content into the framework of a simple videogame. Even one with such an open world design.

    Even when armed with such knowledge, it is still a shock to sit down with Skyrim for a few hours and told to ‘do what you like’. Everyone is well aware of the sheer beauty of Skyrim, but the few screenshots and gameplay videos doing the rounds don’t really show how much of a jump from Oblivion it is.

    Despite the increasing, and often restless talk of the need for a …

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    Here is a new article about skyrim from IGN,

    After three hours in The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim I haven't talked to a single non-player character. I've accepted no quests, engaged in no conversations and learned nothing about what's going on in the world. I know I'm missing out on what could very well be a lot of interesting content – the guild quests, the main storyline, the rewards that come with completing tasks handed out by those in town – but at the moment I don't care. Exploring the world on my own proves to be more than enough to keep me entertained.
    As much as I enjoy following along with a story written by others, the ability to carve my own path is just as alluring. In Elder Scrolls games this option is far more viable than in role-…

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    Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda has confirmed on Twitter that their upcoming RPG title features treasure maps.

    A fan asked "drazic2005nl" asked Pete, "Hey Pete, I read something about treasure maps in Skyrim. That true? Thx"

    To this Pete replied: "Yup, there are treasure maps"

    Another fan asked Pete, "Is there more media coming for Skyrim before release?"

    Pete said, "Yes, more Skyrim media is coming."

    So we can expect more screenshots and video footage before the launch of Skyrim.


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    The latest issue of PC Gamer contains a massive article on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which reveals a bunch of new details regarding the game.

    • Leon from OPM playing tag with the Riverwood children
    • Leon and Jon from OXM experienced significantly different outcomes from the lowe letter quest
    • Journalist playing finds an unnamed Nord town that is walled-off. He enters by jumping up
    • rocks and boulders. This reinforces the idea that the game is truly non-linear and can be fully explored.
    • Article mentions an abandoned subterranean torture chamber/prison
    • Learn “Spark” which is a streaming lightning spell
    • A portion of the 3D map is obscured due to mist, not a blizzard. It could be related to
      unexplored areas or may hint at the weather engine creating a m…
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