The latest issue of PC Gamer contains a massive article on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which reveals a bunch of new details regarding the game.

  • Leon from OPM playing tag with the Riverwood children
  • Leon and Jon from OXM experienced significantly different outcomes from the lowe letter quest
  • Journalist playing finds an unnamed Nord town that is walled-off. He enters by jumping up
  • rocks and boulders. This reinforces the idea that the game is truly non-linear and can be fully explored.
  • Article mentions an abandoned subterranean torture chamber/prison
  • Learn “Spark” which is a streaming lightning spell
  • A portion of the 3D map is obscured due to mist, not a blizzard. It could be related to
    unexplored areas or may hint at the weather engine creating a mist effect so thick that it
    affects your vision.
  • Journalist finds a bloody trail that leads him to a dead horse, upturned cart, and slaughtered travelers
  • Imperial camp description: “imperial guardsmen are milling about”
  • Camp is attacked during the cooking interface/animation; cooking/crafting seems to happen in real time
  • Redguard woman attacking the camp is killed by an arrow and shot by an imperial guard before you have a chance to strike her down yourself
  • Can join the imperial guard
  • Half-naked man runs towards the player; the two talk and the man says he wants the player to hold something and return it to him later; player agrees, hunter soon comes running and asks the player if he has seen the thief; the player says no, but the hunter spots the thief running away and tries to kill him with an arrow
  • Imperial guards chase the player all the way to the main gate of Riften
  • Players are invited to try out for the thieves guild in Rifteen
  • Todd Howard mentions an ice shout that freezes the target and encases him in a block of ice falling over. The target will be momentarily defenseless and can take damage at the same time. The ice will shatter and causes additional damage.
  • Howard said there are “literally hundreds of dungeons”
  • Howard explained that the editor’s power is so strong that modders can also tweak and twist the Radiant Story setting