So I was thinking about the guilds we have in the game so far. We have the Fighter's (Companions), Mage's (College of Winterhold), Dark Brotherhood (Morag Tong), and the Thieve's. First of all, let me say that it's a little sad we don't have a secondary guild for the Thieve's since we have all the others. Secondly, allow me to get on with my actual thoughts:

What if we had a spy guild of some sort. Essentially, they would be paid to work contracts of information. From gathering to planting, they would be hired out by great houses and whole governments alike. Just imagine being in the spy guild (still working on a name) and getting a contract to infiltrate some head quarters of another government in order to plant evidence or to alter particular information.  Maybe there's two great houses in Hammerfell that are always at odds and one hires you to steal their documents or go spread rumors of foul plots aginst a third house so they'll join one of the first two.  Essentially it would work somewhere between some of the Thieve's Guild side jobs, the Embassy quest where you steal the dossier and a certain portion of Dark Brotherhood-type mechanics.

This idea, granted, isn't overly unique, but I feel like we're missing some interesting possibilities without it.  I would like to be able to feel like I truly helped sculpt part of the politcal climate.  There's more to wars than fighting the front lines and taking forts, after all.  We see more immersion in each game as we move forward (cooking, truly building a homestead, optional endings, choices that make you lose contact with whole factions, etc.), so why not add this?  I'm still kind of at a loss for a name, but here are a few thoughts:

  • Shadow Society
  • The Organization
  • Infiltrator Company
  • Spy's Guild (seems generic, but look at the ones we have already)

I'm sure there's better names out there, this is all just a cursory thought process I randomly had this morning.

So they need some sort of patron, I think, given the secrecy behind the whole bit.  If we're going Daedric my vote is for either Clavicus Vile (Prince of Power, Trickery and Bargains) or Mephala (whose sphere of influence is more obsureced and is known as Webspinner, among other names).  I'm not really sure who else could be a patron of such a guild, Sanguine comes to mind, but just doesn't fit as well in my mind's eye.

I know this has been a rather incomplete post and doesn't hold a lot of pertinent information, for this I am sorry.  Leave me some thoughts and ideas to expand upon this in the comments.  I'd love to see what the rest of the wikia things about it.