I've mentioned that I started a YouTube channel on a blog post and a couple of the forums, and that I'll be doing Skyrim videos at least until the next Bethesda game comes out (or ESO, whichever comes first). Something I decided I'll be doing today is making a community character, if you subscribeto my YouTube channel you'll see the first Skyrim video I have up is a mod review. The next thing I'll be doing is a short video of character creation and basic backstory, what I need from all of you is a what happens after that video! Join in on what is, as far as I know, the first community involved character for a game like this. Let's have some fun with it, right guys?

Something to note, the character creation will be using an alternate start mod that I have, and I'll be disabling all the "cheating" mods that I use for various things ("Lockpick Pro" for my mage who has no skill at all), and we will be playing on a lower difficulty since I have no idea what you people will be asking me to do (not the lowest, just lower than I normally play).

I hope to see you all there! You can get to my YouTube Channel directly by clicking on my name above this post and using the "My Website" link.