I'll still be posting my fan-fiction and TES blogs here, but I'll also be adding them to a new unified website. I'm making it to house all my content in one location, it's still under construction so bear with me, please. On it you will find my TES stuff that you normally see here, some screenshots from various games, and links to my YouTube content. I'll rant about other games and have some other fan-fic stuff post there from time to time, as well. Feel free to check me out, and please be kind, at Thank all for your continued interest in these characters, I have an all-new character in the works at the moment, and still have some fine-tuning to current storylines to finish. With my pending wedding and extra stuff at work, I just haven't had the time I would like to devote to this stuff. Hopefully real life will subside soon and I can get back into my own version of reality!