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    Support The Stormcloaks

    December 19, 2011 by Putowtin


    So I've been reading how folks think the Stormcloaks are racist and hate all no Nord's, well I'm here to disagree with this idea.

    You see, I've never seen them as rasist, I see the attitude of the Stormcloaks similar to the current attitude in the UK. The amount of immigrants (legal and illegal) that are arriving every day, who get a house and benefits handed to them when there are British born citizens living on the streets. The (majority) of Brit's arn't racist, we're just sick of being second class citizens in our own country.

    (before anyone calls me racist, I have many friends of different nationalities and my god daughters mother is polish, you still have a problem.. time.. place... we'll sort it... over a pint)

    The Stormcloaks areā€¦

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