• Qwertyqaz

    Leveling destruction

    December 7, 2011 by Qwertyqaz

    Today as I was atacking a giant camp I notices as I sat their spamming the crap out of firebolt on a mammoth that my destruction wasn't going up at all the entire time, but when I killed it the bar inched over just slightly. So I figured If I wen't to a bandit camp and just murdered a bunch of them my destruction would sky rocket, does anyone know if this is how destruction actually works?

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  • Qwertyqaz

    Talos and the dragon born

    December 1, 2011 by Qwertyqaz

    What if the dovahkiin is the manifistation of the will of Talos on Nirn, maybe even the reincarnation of Tiber septim.

    In life Tiber helped fight the breton/nord alliance / Dovahkiin helped fight the Thalmor a alliance between elven races

    Tiber learned the way of the voice from a long forgoten dead nordic king/ Dovahkiin learned the way of the voice from a long forgoten dragon who was a general

    They are both dragon born and learned from the greybeards, when the greybeards spoke Tibers name the world shook, when they say Dovahkiins name the world shakes

    Tiber was known to do some shady things, he betrays his own ally kills him and slits his own throat to take the blame of himself/ Dovahkiin depending on who is playing is a theif and an assisan


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