please do not mistake the following information for canon, or an insult to the canon...

Okay guys, me and my buddy ScottaHemi (the artist of the webcomic Dan's Voyage) finally finished out discussion about Akavir and the various races that reside in the mysterious continent. We decided against spot lighting the dragons because they are fairly well shown in the Elder Scrolls universe.


The "Lilmothiit" are a race that is familiar to many of you, a mysterious fox-like species that inhabits... or did inhabit black marsh, they are often found within Akaviri ruins. The "Pocket Guide to the Empire" makes it clear there is a race of canine and ratlike pirates that inhabit the areas around akavir, we decided that the lilmothiit could be more coyote like than foxlike and could fill this role... with a Chihuahua like breed being the "rat" pirates.


And of course the final race, that Akaviri humans, we imagined them somewhat like earthly asiatic humans so the resemblance there is obvious. I envision them as not being extinct, but rather being the slaves of the tsaesci and actually making up a majority of their nations population. The tattoos are inspired by Maori tattoos but are meant to have snake like figures in them (not really visible here) as they worship the Tsaesci in some ways.

And that is about it, soon all the information and all the ideas we have come up with will be compiled on the Future Bound Entertainment blog as an article and I will do a recap here, I hope that you guys enjoyed this little project of ours.