please do not mistake the following information for canon, or an insult to the canon...

Okay guys, me and my buddy ScottaHemi (the artist of the webcomic Dan's Voyage) got into a discussion recently about the continent of Akavir, he doesn't know jack about the Elder Scrolls universe but the vague nature of the races of Akavir intrigued him somewhat.

See part 1 for the first two races!


The third race we did for this project was the Kamal, this one we had a really hard time with and neither of us is entirely satisfied with the results (for different reasons).

There is virtually no information about the Kamal so we had to use our imaginations a lot, we imagined them as related to both trolls and frost giants, and possibly that these species originated from crazed descendants of this species.

We also imagined them being somewhat related to the Tang Mo, since there are many breeds of the Monkey folk we imagined that the Kamal would have origins as a breed that moved north and set themselves apart.

Clothing and gear was inspired by Ancient egypt, a culture I have never seen applied to a cold and snowy realm.


Tang Mo were unbelievably fun to do, naturally they are physically based on the Monkey King of chinese folklore but then we thought about their island environment and imagined it as marshlands infested with alligators and other beasts.

Not a filthy swamp, but a calm and peaceful one where these simple swamp folk hunt and live in peace. Mastering crossbows with explosive tips to hunt the alligators to make their gator skin clothes.

With this design I feel like we actually achieved an interesting fusion of cultural aesthetics.