I want to start this off by saying that these are simply random thoughts I have had on the Elder Scrolls universe and . . . while they are theories, I do not have any special emotional connection to the as they are not canon.

So feel free to bash, smash, or tear apart anything I write here with great ferocity and furious rage. But I swear to god if you mention Michael Kirkbride in your attempt to invalidate what I say, you will never hear the end of it.

The Nature and History of the Ehlnofey

There are many contradictory reports on the Ehlnofey, and it is understandable as they are from a time before all of the Elder Scrolls that we know and love. But there are some facts.

Lets start with the two origins, first origin that you are most likely aware of is that given in the The Annotated Anuad, which says taht in the beginning of time there was twelve worlds of creation and that the Ehlnofey and the Hist (more on them later) are from these worlds, with a large fragment of the Ehlnofey world landing on Nirn intact.

The second origin we get is shorter and less confusing, it is said in Bosmer mythology that the god Y'ffre transformed himself into the Ehlnofey. It also mentions other unnamed gods.

These two origins are a glance are contradictory but then you must realize the revelation of The Lunar Lorkhan that the celestial spheres in the night sky of mundus are the flesh divinity of the gods.

There is currently 8

1. Arkay 2. Kynerath 3. Akatosh 4. Dibella 5. Zenithar 6. Julianos 7. Stendarr 8. Mara

so here is where things get interesting, if you include the other spirits who participated in the creation of Mundus.

9. Lorkhan 10. Magnus 11. Y'ffre

So if we assume that each spirit was granted a flesh divinity, there is 11 worlds within mundus. But wait . . . we have forgotten one very important world.

12. Nirn

As you can see, nirn itself completes the twelve worlds of creation. What happened to the others you ask? Those that no longer float in the night sky? Magnus when he escaped mundus his flesh divinity ignited . . . creating the glorious sun, and Y'ffre sacrificed his flesh divinity to give birth to the first Ehlnofey.

Leaving us with nirn and mundus as it is.

But the thing is, we have to ask . . . where did the first chunk of the Ehlnofey world land? Where did the first humanoids on Nirn take form from the remains of Y'ffre, well one would assume that being a Bosmer god that it would have landed in valenwood.

The Bosmer are after all the most human-looking of the races of Mer, and the ones with the fewest specialized adaptions. But I feel the need to search for more evidence of this idea, I think I found it in the Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi.

Khajiit mythology seems very far from the truth, but here we Y'ffre is once again shown to be in part responsible for the creation of the humanoid form. In this origin story it has the Khajiit and Bosmer splitting from the forest people.

I dont know the implications of this, but to me it would seem that the first race on Nirn was very bosmer-like, and that the Khajiit split from the Ehlnofey from which the elven folk sprung, perhaps before they took their shape as the Aldmer(?)

Anyways, the Ehlnofey on nirn were split into two groups the wandering, and old ehlnofey. They fought terrible wars that ravaged the surface of the world creating it as it is.

When the dust settled the Old Ehlnofey stood triumphant on the continent of tamriel, these people would later become the Aldmeric races. And the Wandering Ehlnofey were scattered, these would become Humanity

I would suggest that these two groups were long seperated, and had already began to distingusih racially by the end of their wars. You can see racially that humanity is found on akavir, atmora, and yokuda all outward from tamriel, while the elven races seem to be pretty much stuck in the middle.

The Ehlnofey legacy seems lost to most racest, except for one. The Ayleids remained in the heart of tamriel and preserved Ehlnofey magic and language, as well they did not take a Mer name for themselves.

It is also suggested that mysticism has ties to Ehlnofey arts, the psijic supposedly practicing magic from the Ehlnofey . . . and Mysticism being the patron art of the Psijic order.

The ayleids now seem gone from the world, but they seemed to be the last race clinging onto their heritage, all that seems to be left of the ehlnofey legacy is the Psijic order, even the arts of Ehlnofey magic vanishing from the world and dismissed as pointless (bye bye mysticism)

Aldmer and Aldmeris

The term Aldmer is often used in the same way Human is used for the races of man, but the fact is the Aldmer are supposedly the first race of the Elven peoples, the Altmer selectively breed themselves to fit what they believed they looked like. And they seem to search for their homeland of Aldmeris.

Funny thing though . . . there is really no indication that Aldmeris ever existed, and some older writings give "Old Ehlnofey" as a name for Aldmeris. This is a bit crazy because last I checked, the Old Ehlnofey lived on tamriel, and there was a race of tall yellow skinned elves living in the heart of tamriel . . . a race that seems to be the last race to truly appreciate their ehlnofey heritage . . . hmmmmm

My suggestion is simple, that myth and legend have clouded the fact that the races of Mer descend from Tamriel, and that Tamriel itself is Aldmeris. funny . . . it almost seems like the Thalmor know this doesnt it?

Perhaps they avoid the truth because they dont want to admit that their homelands were stolen from them by . . . humans. Propaganda and lies spread to keep their reputation as a powerful race intact.


The hist are by far the most enigmatic and mysterious race of all of nirn, there are a few things we know about them. They are trees (imperial lack-luster research set-aside), they are worshippers of sithis, and they themselves are worshiped by the Argonians.

There origins are mysterious, as are their powers. So naturally because of all of this mystery . . . I dont have much to say, it is said they were from one of the 12 worlds of creation, and landed on nirn before or during the era of the Ehlnofey.

Heck I have even heard a few times that they were the first living things on Nirn, that is a recurring theme about the hist. How long they have been around on nirn . . .

Reading some info from the books, it makes it clear there are exiles from hist society, and (apparently) that they govern a realm of oblivion (similiar to the ideal masters?).

There is almost no figuring these guys out you know, but then I met something/someone. Sent by the temple of kynareth to retrive its sap, I met a sapient tree that is supposedly the oldest living thing in all of tamriel.

Its sap, like that of the hist, functions as a powerful stimulant that can bring things back from the brink of death. I present the idea that the Eldergleem . . . is a rogue hist.

What is the implications of this? A single hist (and its children) that worships Kynareth rather than Sithis . . . Well I suggest that the Hist world is the surface of Kynareths flesh divinity. That the hist that we see are a in fact the rogues who fled, the hist are to kynareth, as the dragons are to akatosh.

Black Marsh the home of a deranged cult. I dont know what that realm of oblivion is though, maybe they want to be closer to sithis?

Argonians (Saxhleel)

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Daedric Princes

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I was giving sheogorath some thought, and I realized that there was an origin for the character before the shivering isles, I dont remember what it was nor can I find the info on it. But from my understanding in this origin he was a mortal man before becoming a daedra.

I was thinking about the nature of sheogorath, and I have come to the conclusion that sheogorath is in and of himself an emobodiement of madness and a form of madness.

Madness is an affliction, and thus needs a host being to survive. Jyggalag, the hero of kvatch, and the other guy were all just hosts for the madness that is sheogorath.

Oblivion, Mundus, and the nature of cosmic bullcrap.