Im going to compile a wish list here.

Im just gonna start out with a few things

1.more weapons.

2.morrowind style armor.

3.More spells

4.More critter diversity

5.Falmer in some form.

6.Less Loading times

7.voice actors other than the eight that have been tied up and held hostage in the Bethesda offices since redgaurd

8.Oblivion style spells (rising force potions were a big deal, and who can forget the scroll of icarian flight)

9. Books, try as hard as you can to cram in all of the books relevent to at least nordic culture, if you can squeeze in all the books from elder scrolls ever. And when we put them on a shelf we do NOT want them falling through a hole in the shelf, some people ligitimatly wanted to put stuff on those shelves. It was one of two things that kept me enthralled with oblivion over morrowind, decorative ability, and combat that wasnt tedious and painful. Dont screw up decorative ability again (rant over)

10. SKELETAL REMAINS and undead, of races other than man and mer. Argonians, kahjiit and the critters of the world skeletonize when they die aswell (eventually)

11. Dawnstar, I have never played the "elder scrolls travells dawnstar" and I dont really care if the game was good or not, but it does take place in skyrim from what I can gather. So remembering continuity and locations from this game would be nice.

12.Real DLC, oblivion didnt do bad with dlc. BUT we want expansion packs (soltheim please), real content bundles, and please dont pull a fable 3 with the dlc.

13. Minor biology lesson of the major races in hte world,they all have ten digits on their hands, eight fingers. You should be able to put rings on all of those fingers, heck you should be able to put more than one ring on several of those fingers, but we will let that slide if we can put at least eight rings on.

14. Interactive trainers, when training (even if it is completely unrealistic) something visual should indicate that actual training has occurred, or you should have to perform tasks for the trainers. There are options to be explored and it could help with adding realism.

15. Unified armor skill, just think about it, it makes sense from several standpoints (that light armor is to heavy for me to wear, but this heavy armor is light for me to wear?)

16. housing, we like houses . . . and we like to decorate them

17. different body types (wow everyone in morrowind and cyodil sure does keep their bodies in good shape)

18. Shrine to jyggalag . . . now that jyggalag has re established himself in the two hundred years beetween oblivion and skyrim he has undoubtedly gained followers

19.CROSSBOWS (nuff said)

20. Traveling merchants (at least one with a guar or a pack rat please :)

21. ANOTHER pocket guide to the empire (PLEASE)