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  • I was born on September 27
  • I am certainly not you.
  • Ralvz'jeshka Shakaraph

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  • Ralvz'jeshka Shakaraph
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    Like most languages, you use your mouth (assuming you have one) to speak. It starts with one sound, then a few more, and then we get a word. Likewise, you aren't likely to get far, not knowing the sounds of any different language. After all, it isn't just the words that are different... Take a look at this guide to learn the sounds of this Ta'agra dialect.

    A a - ah as in father

    Ā ā - a as in hat

    B b - as in boy

    D d - as in doughnut

    E e - as in exit

    Ē ē - as in day

    Ph ph/F f - as in phone

    G g - as in good

    H h - as in happy

    X x - as in bach

    I i - as in icky

    Ī ī - as in sea

    Ž ž - as in bonjour

    K k - as in…

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