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  • I live in UK
  • I was born on February 21
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  • Randomepicperso

    Just curious.

    Here's a full list:

    • Alftand
    • Raldbthar
    • Avanchnzel
    • Bthardamz
    • Irkngthand
    • Kagrenzel
    • Mzinchaleft
    • Mzulft
    • Nchuand-Zel (Markarth)
    • Raldbthar
    • Reachwind Eyrie
    • Sightless Pit
    • Tower of Mzark

    I like Avanchnzel, as it used to be a factory where the Dwarven Centurions were made. Also, the quest is good and there's no falmer or anything, only Automatons.

    Warm Sands,


    Oh, and one other thing: I'm new here and I wouldn't be surprised if the exact same question has been asked countless times before. Apologies in advance.

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