Now I want to start of saying i'm not sure if this would work as a mod but whatever.

So the basic idea is pretty much 'Dragonborn time hops or whatever to a modern version of Skyrim.'

Ok, sound cool? Stupid? I ask that you hold of on making an opinion until I explain more. I'll be honest here though, there's still a lot of things I haven't thought out yet.

So the whole thing would start with the Dragonborn reciveing a leter from like I dunno some mage guy or something. Why are you involved? You're the Dragonborn it's like in your job description to get involved in everything. So anyway he wants you to meet him somewhere (figured it'd be his house or a new dungeon that he claims has odd magical...something). You show up and see him looking over some type of portal or something and he offers some kind of expination, ending with you learning this portal wil allow you to travel into the future. Before you embark on your journey to the future, you have to empty your inventory of well everything. Why? Only you and those ugly under clothes can use the portal. Unless you have a nude mod in which case only you can go through. So you store your stuff and activate the protal. Screen fades to black and next thing you know your DB is waking up in an alley somewhere. 

New Objective: Obtaine some clothes.

So now your naked in the future. How many people could say that? But you can't run around naked here! Find some damn clothes. You have a few options. You could mug someone, Persuade them to strip down and hand over their clothes, or sneak through the backways and steal some clothing. Now that your dressed it's time for a new task.

New Objective: Explore the future

So you step into the open and it's clear, you're no longer in Skyrim...well you are but who cares. You're in like Solitude or Whiterun. So you begin to walk around, Guards no longer wear their familer attire, the blacksmiths are gone, and beggers are...ok so they're still there only now they're filthy hobos. Now you might be asking your self 'What of the mead and sweetrolls?!' Don't worry, they're still around and Sweetroll theft is still a problem. Now what of the different factions? Did they make the transition into the future? And what new foes do you encounter and how do you kill them? Well let me tell you.

Most of the groups survival depends on how or if you did their questlines.

Thieves Guild: If you didn't complete or start their questline, you can find refrences in books to how they eventually collapsed. If you finished their quest they survived into the modern age, though since times and security have changed so have they. Sure they still sneak around but now they have skills like hacking and while they still have imporetant people on their side, they also deal with things like blackmailing...unless they did that before and I missed it, in which case they never really stopped.

Dark Broterhood: Obviously if you wiped them out, they're gone. Book reference only. If you followed through the whole thing, they too survived. The buissness of killing people for people never really dies. This one though i'm not sure how they would've survived without the DB since you were listener. Maybe they can survive without one but - correct me if i'm wrong since i've only played Skyrim and like an hour of Oblivion - it seems that without a listener, shit goes wrong fast. Someone else can figure this out.

Companions: These guys could suvive weather you join them or not, only difference is you'd hear rumors of Werewolves prowling if you didn't join up. I figured they'd work as hired bodyguards and/or hired thugs who go and break some guys kneecaps every now and then.

Dragons: If you killed Paarthurnax, Dragons were "killed" over time and now are seen as myths. If he lives, Dragons and everyone exist in a 'Don't bother us and we won't bother you' type relationship.

Vampires: If you joined Dawnguard, their still dead. If you sided with the Vampires, they're still living in that old castle, as well as in a few cities. 

I think that's everyone. 

Enemies and weapons. Weapons are mostly just knives and things. Maybe you'll find yourself weilding a switchblade, or a hunting knife. Why not cut someone down with a butter knife? You can find the weapons you're used to in museams and stuff, but you'll have to steal them to use them. As for enemies, just things like muggers, drunken idiots, rabid dogs, killer rabbits, normal stuff. 

No idea what the quests would be for this but I figure that coulld be left to the smarter people. Now for other things. Barrels would be things like trashcans, Chests would be...chests but also things like lockers, tripwires would be those laser tripwire things and Dumpsters exists. While exploreing the modern day Skyrim, you might come across museams holding familier weapons that you can steal of course you'd need to learn how to get past modern security either from the new thieves guild or books. Books are all I can think of. Maybe while you're planning your robbery, you can check out that new Mammoth display, read about Sabercats, or learn about how people used to find money and jewlery in the corpses of wolves.

As I said, I didn't think everything out and i'm not sure if this'd work on as a mod or not. Also, if a friend of mine is any indication, this idea is apperently similar to an already existing game. Which one? I have no idea so I don't think i'm ripping off anything but if I am, it's not my intention to do so. Also, is there any kind of spell check I can use for any future blogs I post? I know I spelled a lot of things wrong but can't find a spell check and for some reason can't copy everything I typed and paste it elsewhere to do said spell check. I'm to lazy to retype everything.