OK so i'm sure these ideas have been said before but whatever. With Hearthfire we finally gained the option of adopting kids, and like all of Hearthfire it should have been in the game already. But this blog isn't about that, it's about the kids and how boring they are and what I wish you could do. 

So, I walk into my house in Whiterun after being gone for days on end, and taking the only protection my kids had - save for Bran -, Lydia, with me and get greeted by my daughter Lucia. Ok, that's a nice touch I think, Now she asks me for a present, I give her a Banditroll - bandit turned into a Sweetroll - I got while exploreing, yum. So she runs off and goes back to bed. So far things are pretty good. But what else can you do with these kids? Nothing! Sure you can tell them to do chores, or go to sleep, play in/outside, give presents/gold, or play "hide and seek" and tag. That's it? That's it. Why give my kid a Dagger if they're just going to hit some dummy with it? Maybe after they get the hang of swinging a Dagger I could take them outside the city. No, i'm not saying we go raid a Crypt or Slaughter bandits but i'm in Whiterun, where a hunter can prosper. Why not let me take Lucia out to hunt? Of course we run the risk of being attacked but as a parent I need to protect my kid - and she can't die anyway, everyone is invincible until puberty. Or take her with me as I walk to another town. But we're riding a horse, it would be creul to make her walk. How hard would it be to make an animation where she gets on the back of the horse or something? Or even tell us we can't ride horses until we bring our kid home? And the next arguement, what's to stop us from telling them to go home in the middle of the woods? Well we need to actually bring them back. And what's to stop us from entering that Nordic Ruin? Instead of areas where followers can't follow, we can't enter with our kid. Now, some might say that would just ruin things but nothing is stopping you from leaveing your kid at home, I just wish I could do more things with my kid. Maybe take them out to a lake and go fishing, or make dungeons we can explore with kids where they might try to solve the puzzles instead of us, take them to Raven Rock as a little vacation or something. Their the adopted kids of the Dragonborn, they shouldn't be sitting at home doing nothing! I'm sure there are plenty of other things people can think of to do with kids but that's all i've got.

I'd love to hear some more ideas if anyone has them