I believe i've discovered a bug with Dragon Riding as well as a possible fix for it.

I had just dismounted an Ancient Dragon and suddenly I find myself zoomed out like when riding the dragon. I tried walking and my controls were completly messed up, I could do pretty much everything normal except walk and turn my camera. I thought reloading would fix it but for some reason tring to reload previous saves froze my game. So I turn off my Xbox and decided to just save and try reloading again, I can reload but the problem had not yet stopped. I tried fast traveling and it didn't work. Tried entering a building - took me about 10 minutes to be able to enter one - and that still didn't work. I reloaded the farthest back save that worked which was just dismounting the dragon and decicded i'd try one last thing before I would restart my entire game, riding a horse. So I spend time trying to summon Arvak since I had no other horse and finally i'm able to, finally mount him and nothing changed. So I decided i'll just dismount him and what d'ya know that fixed it! I tested it a few times and everytime the fix was mounting Arvak and dismounting him. Returned the game to normal. I don't know if this works with other horses but i'm assumeing it does. I hope this helps anyone else that runs into this problem. I also hope this I didn't word this wrong or make it hard to understand.