So I was hoping to get some opinions on what armor to give certain followers. I don't mean what's ideal for them though, I mean what would be a good fit. For example, I give Lydia Wolf Armor since Guards seem to consider it "true Nord armor" or Stormcloak armor due to her "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!" combat quote, Benor just gets an Iron Helmet, Hroki keeps her default and Jenassa gets Shrouded Armor. The followers i'm having trouble with are Cosnach, Annekke, and Roggi. Again, i'm not looking for the best armor stat wise, just what fits them best. Right now i've just got Cosnach in Markarth Guard armor and the other two in their default. A friend of mine suggested Forsworn armor for Cosnach but I dunno, something about it doesn't feel right on him. Should you suggest mod armor i'll check it out but i'd like if you also suggest a vanilla armor too since I don't tend to like many of the mod armors i've seen. The only mod armors I currently have is  the Masters of Death one, and everything included with Relics of Hyrule.