So after several issues using the mod Familier Faces and reciving no assisstance I learned I could use the Creation Kit to make followers and from what I read it seems easier than I thought and it is. My only problem is I can't use the hairstyles I want due to them being from a mod that I can't remember the name of right now and they never look as good as when I create the character using the in game character creation. So my question is if there's anyway to save the character I want and make them like a preset or something that I can then use in the Creation Kit to make into a follower. If there's not is there a way to use mod hairstyles in the Creation Kit as well as creating an NPC as if I was creating a new character? Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Don't know if it matters but the two mods I couldn't remember the names of are Ponytail Hairstyles v3_0 and either Race Menu or ShowRaceMenu Alternative. Can't remember which each one does.