I'm currently downloading Skyrim as I type this so I thought it was the right time to ask, how do I bring my character from the 360 over to my PC? I've heard others say they've done this and would like to do it myself. Yes I could just Google this but, i'll be honest here, i'm a complete idiot when it comes to doing anything on the computer - hell it took me until last week to learn what anything other than 'lol' meant and how to install mods for Dragon Age. Whenever I search for something like this the instructions are always hard to understand so i'd like if someone could explain it in as simple a way as possible. I also ask people to refrain from quesitoning/insulting my inability to do computer based things, I know I suck at using computers, I don't need others pointing it out to me. 

If I have to download something in order to do it, it'd be easier to just say 'you need to download a program' or something. I'd rather not download anything so if that's a requirement i'll just start a new character. Thanks in advance.