So i'm not sure if someone has done this already, or if what i'm about to suggest is even considered a mod but whatever

So we all know about the many factions in Skyrim right? And how we enter the new guy/girl and suddenly become leader after a few quests (with the exception of the Dawnguard) As Festus said in the Darkbrotherhood questline "Well that hardly seems fair. You just got here." And he's right. Why are we suddenly allowed to be in charge because we killed someone? Nice way to pick a leader, isn't it? So, here's my idea

We select New Game and instead of playing out normally we get presented with a question:

'What are you?' with the options

An assassin

A thief

An honurable warrior

A mage

Nobody, i'm just a prisoner

selecting the last one makes the game play normal but for this we'll pick assassin.

So now we get to create our character and after we're done we get a cutscene of Nazir telling us about one of the contracts he gives out. We're off to Helgen to kill the local Blacksmith. The screen fades and we're now in Helgen, hiding to avoid notice by the Imperial troops that suddenly showed up. You watch as what would normally be the opening play out - with a random Stormcloak replacing the Dragonborn - and watch as Hadvar calls the names. After he ensures no one decided to skip execution they all line up like normal for their date with the block. Everyone gets a turn! Anyway, as the replacement stormcloak gets up a FREAKIN' DRAGON attacks. You go to escape but get blocked off, this is where Ralof comes in and has you follow him. Now we go about running around, trying not to get burned to a crisp or eaten, we're not part of a Dragon's well balenced breakfast afterall. So as we pick who to enter the keep with we skip obtaining armor - you can grab it of course but you don't need to - as we already have Shrouded armor, but with weaker enchantments/armor rating - or maybe normal, I don't know - and our weapon is a simple iron dagger and longbow as well as a few iron arrows. Now, as we escape we get the objective to report back to the Sanctuary on what happened. And from their we get the quest to meet with the Arentino boy to kill Grelod and everything plays out normal - skipping Astrid kidnapping you. Dialouge with the other assassins would make it feel like you've been apart of the Family for sometime, as opposed to being the new guy/girl. Same goes for groups like the Companions, and Thieves Guild. Instead of testing your sword arm, Kodlak wants to make sure you havn't suffered any injuries so sends you and Vilkas to the courtyard. And Brynolf is requesting you lend him a hand and tells you to meet him back at the Flaggon later as theres a job he thinks you'd be perfect for. 

That's my idea. We start off with either weaker or normal faction equiptment (maybe a special armor for the compainions, or even just the Wolf Armor) with the weakest version weapons that fit the faction were in. Most of the game plays out the same with some minor differences to refrence what answer you picked. I admit it's not a fully worked out idea, but I think this would prove to be useful from a roleplaying perspective. Most quests would remian the same though your factions questline would technically be the main one. You could still explore dungeons and eventually discover you're Dragonborn though dialouge would be altered at some points, such as when first approaching Boulgrouf as an Assassin you'd be accused of coming to assassinate him - plus they'd question if you were brave or dumb for just waltzing in. Joining other guilds I think should be disabled since you now belong to one set group. They'd play out on there own, like if you head to the College early on the Arch-Mage would be fine, finishing your groups questline and going back you'd learn he was killed. Faction specific items would sadly be lost (or maybe obtainable another way) but that'd be the price you pay. Cetain skills would get a 'class bonus' such as an assassin getting slightly higher sneak then a member of the Compainions.

So, i'd like to hear what everyone else thinks of this. If I knew how i'd simply go ahead and do this myself.