Hey all, Ravyn here. I have another blog post that is going to be an extension/continuation of my earlier blog post title My Spell Ideas (For Mods & roleplay) from a couple weeks ago. These are weapons, armors, and accessories that I'd thought up while playing Skyrim in one of my "serious" playthroughs. Note that a few of these will probably not be able to be modded into the game and are for roleplaying use only. If you would like to make any of these items into mods, please be sure to credit me for the idea (if you happen to know of such a mod already posted onto Steam or the Skyrim Nexus, please be sure to post the link(s) down below). If you would like to discuss mods and such, please feel free. But, do not ask for help in how to install a bunch of mods or fix your game CTDing, as I am not an expert, and will not likely know how to help.

~*ahem*~ Anyways, onto the list. I hope you all enjoy. :)

P.S.: When I feel I have a sufficient number of items on here, I will edit this post-script. Meaning that once this has been finished, nothing will be added, changed, or edited.

(1) Rune-carved Arrows: Learning the skills of Rune-casting, Conjuring of Atronachs as well as Enchanting and arrowsmithing, you begin to understand how to carve Runes into the arrows you create, from basic Iron to mighty Dragonbone. Combining the crafting materials with the appropriate ingredient of the Rune's power as well as the appropriate soul gem to power the magic, you can make arows that can bun, freeze, shock, frenzy, poison, and possibly paralysis. (WIP)

(2) Lucian's Personal Attire: this is a set of armor & weapons that my long-time character Lucian SaDiablo uses (Though they are unmodded versions, unfortunately). Each item in the list uses a vanilla base model listed here: Guildmaster's Armor, Nightgale Gauntlets, Penitus Oculatus Boots, Shrouded Hood, Silver Sapphire Necklace, Silver Ruby Ring, Nightingale Blade, Blade of Woe, & the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate.

For anyone interested in making a mod of this ensemble, here are my settings (please note that the base stats for the armor and jewelry are only a few points higher so as not to make them not-so-overpowered):

Black Leather Battle-jacket - Base Armor: 35; Weight: 8; Base Value: 2200. - Resist Magic 30%, Fortify Stamina Regen 30%, Fortify Light Armor 30 points. 

Midnight Bracers - Base Armor: 12; Weight: 2; Base Value: 220. - Fortify Stamina 30 points, Fortify One-Handed 30 points, Fortify unarmed 30 points. 

Boiled Leather Boots - Base Armor: 8; Weight: 2; Base Value: 30. - Fortify Sneak 30 points, Fortify One-Handed 30 points, Muffle. 

Red-lined Assassin's Hood - Base Armor: 5; Weight: 0.5; Base Value: 1500. - Fortify Archery 30 points, Water Breathing, Fortify Lockpicking 20 points. 

Assassin's Seal (ring) - Weight: 0.25; Base Value: 400. - Fortify Archery 30 points, Fortify One-Handed 30 points, Fortify unarmed 30 points. 

Assassin's Oath (necklace) - Weight: 0.5; Base Value: 1580. - Fortify Lockpicking 20 points, Resist Magic 30%, Fortify Light Armor 30 points. 

Shadow-Blade (one-handed sword) - Base Damage: 15; Weight: 6.5; Base Value: 2885. - Fiery Soul Trap (burns the target for 10 points of fire damage, if the target dies within 5 seconds, fills a soul gem), Chaos Damage (50% chance to do 30 points of fire, frost, & shock), Banish (all Daedra level 30 or below are sent back to Oblivion). 

Eagle's Talon (dagger) - Base Damage: 13; Weight: 5; Base Value: 1600. - Absorb Stamina 20 points, Absorb Health 20 points, Turn Undead (all undead up to level 25 flee from the wielder for 30 seconds). 

Raven's Wing (dwarven black bow) - Base Damage: 15; Weight: 10; Base Value: 2446. - Chaos Damage (50% chance to do 30 points of fire, frost, & shock), Absorb Stamina 20 points, Absorb Health 20 points.