Hey everyone, SaDiablo here. Now, I know what I'm about to post isn't exactly prevalent with what is usually posted on this site, but since a couple people liked the bio sheet that I posted as my first blog, I thought I'd post one that's a little more...general. This is the one I made & use when creating character for different "verses". If you'd like an example of how I fill this out so that you might do the same, I will post it in the comments below. Also, if this seems a little too detailed, I do apologize for that. You can edit the layout of the sheet to how you wish. Finally, the questionnaire that is included with this bio sheet was constructed based upon the one used in Daggerfall. I was trying to think of how to incorporate the one from Morrowind, but that may be used for a different bio sheet in future. If you have any suggestion, alteration, things of that nature, please be sure to post them below, or  a few line beneath your completed bio sheet, if you've posted it.

~*ahem*~ now onto the main event, I hope you all find this bio sheet interesting and come up with your own characters for me to read and discuss with you. :)





Sexual Orientation:



Physical Appearance:




Mental Traits:






Fighting Style:

1) What school of magic have you been studying the longest (if any)?
(a) Destruction.
(b) Illusion.
(c) Mysticism.
(d) Alteration.
(e) Restoration (healing).
(f) The School of Mind-magic (Psionics).
(g) None.

2) What motivates you into a life of adventure?
(A) Riches.
(b) Knowledge.
(c) Fame.
(d) Fun.
(e) Helping others.

3) In between times of formal study, you spent your time _ _ _.
(a) Socializing with aristocrats (Speechcraft).
(b) Practicing acrobatics (Dexterity & speed).
(c) Swimming (Agility & endurance).
(d) Learning street smarts (Wisdom & intelligence).
(e) Learning economics (Intelligence).
(f) Sparring (Strength & Endurance).

4) Since childhood you have saved_ _ _.
(a) 100 pieces of gold.
(b) A cuirass (breastplate).
(c) A favorite book.
(d) A pearl.

5) In gratitude for services rendered, the (insert royal figure) gave you _ _ _.
(a) Over 200 pieces of gold.
(b) An ebony dagger.
(c) A book.
(d) A silver staff.
(e) A ruby.
(f) A suit of armor.
(g) You accepted no gift(s).

6) [skip if you answered F to question 1] As you grew older you received additional magical training in _ _ _ (Apprentice rank instead of novice if you chose any of these).
(a) The school of Destruction.
(b) The school of Mysticism.
(c) The school of Alteration.
(d) The school of Restoration (healing).
(e) The school of Illusion.
(f) The School of Mind-magic (Psionics).

7) As a child your nickname was _ _ _.
(a) Rabbit (Speed increase).
(b) Quicksilver (Speed & dexterity increase).
(c) Scrapper (Strength & endurance increase).
(d) Guppy (Agility & dexterity, plus better swimming skill).
(e) Monkey (Agility, speed, & dexterity increase).

8) You are friendlier than most with what magical beast? _ _ _ (Befriending a creature grants you a certain skill. you MUST pick ONE).
(a) The Harpies (appraisal of jewelry & valuables).
(b) The Dragons (heightened magic resistance against one elemental or para-elemental energy).
(c) The Centaurs (preternatural speed greater than a humans but cannot be enhanced magically).
(d) The Giants (preternatural strength but, like the centaurs, this skill cannot be increased with magic).
(e) The Nymphs (Enchanting voice: allows the wielder to charm any person or creature once per day without fail. Magic resistances are counted as nonexistent).
(f) The Spriggans (Call of the Animal: Allows the user to call upon any wild beast in his immediate vicinity up to 1 mile. Can be used 5 times per day).
(g) The Imps (Same ability as Harpies but allows appraisal of magic items and their immediate effects).

9) Of all the disagreeable types of people, you have the most hate for _ _ _ (You gain a damage bonus against the first three and lose a persuasion bonus to all).
(a) Sanctimonious priests (Clerics).
(b) Immoral assassins.
(c) Diabolic wizards.
(d) Stupid peasants (Farmers & merchants).
(e) Power-mad robber-barons (Nobles).

10) You are intimate friends with _ _ _.
(a) A monk.
(b) A rogue.
(c) An assassin.
(d) A mage.
(e) A warrior.
(f) Your character is a loner by nature & design.

11) You have the most trouble deal with _ _ _ (This is your weakness. you can combat these effects with potions and divine magic).
(a) Resisting poisons (weak poisons do double damage, potent ones can nearly kill depending on your class).
(b) Getting along with others (You don't work well in a team. If you are required to do so, you become reckless and maybe turn out to be a liability).
(c) Resisting magic (Illusion magicks gain a greater effect upon you. Charm spells are also doubly effective).
(d) Staying awake and alert (Your body is sluggish and not quick to move. You have less stamina for strenuous activities and you are easily hampered by powerful magic).
(e) Avoiding diseases (This one speaks for itself; you become more easily overcome by a sickness, whether magical or mundane. If you are not tended by a cleric in time, your disease may kill you if it is left alone for too long).
(f) Fighting without magic (As a spellcaster, your spells are your life. If you do not have the ability to cast spells easily or engage in melee combat, you are not fit to adventure until you find way to circumvent your weakness).
Bio: (WIP)
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