Hey all, Ravyn here. I have another blog post that is going to be similar to my Thu'um Fist post from a couple weeks ago. These are spells and/or possibly powers I'd thought up while playing Skyrim in one of my "serious" playthroughs. Note that a few of these will probably not be able to be modded into the game and are for roleplaying use only. If you would like to make any of these spells into mods (or know of such a mod already posted onto Steam or the Skyrim Nexus), please be sure to post the link(s) down below. If you would like to discuss mods and such, please feel free. But, do not ask for help in how to install a bunch of mods or fix your game CTDing, as I am not an expert, and will not likely know how to help.

~*ahem*~ Anyways, onto the spell list. I hope you all enjoy. :)

P.S.: When I feel I have a sufficient number of spells on here, I will edit this post-script. Meaning that once this has been finished, nothing will be added, changed, or edited.


(1) Paralyze Rune: An Apprentice-level Alteration spell that benefits from both the Alteration & Destruction schools, this spell is most applicable to assassins or thieves to non-lethally stop any enemies from attacking them. It is better aided by the Rune Master & Quiet Casting perks, as well as Alteration Duel-Casting and Apprentice Alteration.

(2) Avatar of The Nightingale: This next spell is an assassin/thief spell. It's basically a retooled Embrace of Shadows. Not only does it add the usual Nighteye and Invisibility, but also Muffle as well as a Detect Everything effect similar to Aura Whisper, and possibly making it a lesser power that has a 15 second recharge timer before each use. For use in roleplay, the Invisibility can be exchanged for a more Chameleon-like effect.

(3) Vampyre: An Alteration spell useful to either human or vampire Spellswords. When cast upon the user's weapon, the opponent gains bleeding damage that also bestows enhanced health regeneration upon the caster.

(4) Light of Magnus (Fire, Frost, Shock): Another spell in the Spellsword's arsenal, mainly attributed to the martial arts associated with the Akaviri katana. When cast, magicka is compressed along the edge of the katana (Or similarly curved blade) and the discharged with a powerful swing, releasing the magicka as an arc of coloured energy (Crimson for Fire, Dark Blue for Frost, Light Blue for Shock) that not only staggers the foe, but has a very small chance to disarm (5-8%) depending on the direction of the swing (chance is greater with a horizontal slash) as well as burning, freezing or shocking the opponent with the appropriate Destructive energy.

(5) Solar Flare: A high-level Restoration spell that functions similar to the Destruction spell Fire Storm, but creates a blinding blast of magical sunlight that burns the undead and heals the living. If the caster is also undead, they take the highest amount damage, being at the epicenter of the explosion.

(6) Wind Flash (I, II, III): A more defensive variant of the Light of Magnus spell. When cast, it allows the user to throw concussive blasts of wind to stagger his/her foes with varying degrees, from a simple nudge to stop an attack or firing of an arrow, to completely knocking the enemy of their feet, similar to Unrelenting Force.

(7) Shadow Pulse: The antithesis of Solar Flare. Despite being similar to the Destruction spell Fire Storm, this version creates an opaque wave of shadow that heals the undead and harms living beings. If the caster is not some form of magic-using undead, they take the highest amount damage, being at the epicenter of the explosion, making this spell very dangerous to necromancers.

(8) Dragon Fear: A spell-like ability similar to the Nord's Battlecry that casts a wide radius Fear effect that frightens away most creatures of low- to mid-level (roughly 1 to 25.) In-game it is basically a higher level version of the above racial Power, though it sounds more akin to a roar than a yell.

(9) Eye of The Dragon: This spell is a simple recreation of the old Detect magic spell, though it functions more as a way to find magical objects rather than spellcasters.