Hey all, thought I'd post something a bit different than my usual roleplaying bio sheets & questionnaires. This is something I thought of just for traditional roleplay (since I have no idea how one would script it into the game) that I call either the Fist of Thu'um or the Dragon Fist of Skyrim. Everything you need to know is going to be below. Remember, if you have questions or suggestions to expand or change the content, don't hesitate to post comments below. I am always willing to discuss the ideas that are posted. Also, just so you all are aware, even though this is semi lore-friendly, it does not constitue as actual in-game lore and should not be taken as such.

~*ahem*~ Anyways, let's get started, shall we? Sit back and enjoy my Nordic martial art, the Thu'um Fist.

The Dragon Fist is a Nordic martial art combining one's Thu'um together with their fist, strengthening and oftentimes supplementing their strikes with Words of Power. The central focus of the art is the second word of Unrelenting Force, "Ro", meaning "Balance" in the Dragon Tongue. By combining it with various Words of Power followed by one's attacks, they will sometimes gain an elemental attribute ('Yol' grants Fire, 'Fo' grants Frost, and 'Qo' grants Shock). As with the basic usages of the three elemental attributes of Destruction magic, these combat stances deal lasting effects to the fighter's opponents. Attacks powered by Fire deals continual damage for a lasting amount of time and will send weaker enemies running away in pain. Strikes imbued with the power of Frost will gradually slow the opponent down and drain away their Stamina. Finally, blows charged with Shock will not only drain an opponent's Magicka, but will also stagger the opponent due the electricity flowing through their bodies.

Practitioners can also use Words such as 'Fus', 'Ven', or 'Krii' to ascribe various effects to their opponent. For instance,  'Fus' combines Unrelenting Force with a forward palm thrust or punch to blow an opponent back and break through almost any defense, while combining 'Ven' with a uppercut can send the enemy flying high into the air and taking sometimes lethal amounts of fall damage, like the Cyclone Shout. Finally, 'Krii' allows you to weaken an opponent's armor and drain their life force, similar to the Marked For Death Shout.

Words such as 'Laas', 'Tiid', 'Feim', 'Wuld', & 'Su' are primarily stances which affect the user's body, similar to each Shout. When combined with 'Ro', each Shout stance affects you differently.

The 'Ro Laas' stance allows the user to detect the life force of creatures living, undead, or automaton, and lasts for 30 seconds.
The 'Ro Tiid' stance allows the user to slow their perception of time, giving them a sort of false precognition and allowing them to better dodge enemy attacks. It can be cancelled out by a repeated use of the stance.
The 'Ro Feim' stance alters the user's body into a semi-intangible spirit which can't be harmed with normal weapons, only magic, enchanted weapons, and Shouts. It also grants accelerated regeneration of spiritual and physical energy (Basically, 75% increase to Health, Stamina, and Magicka regen).
The 'Ro Wuld' stance grants the user the ability to perform amazing feats of acrobatics to better dodge enemy attacks or reach seemingly inaccessible areas. The user can also sprint at twice their usual speed.
Finally, 'Ro Su' stance allows the users to perform complicated techniques often reserved for masters in the fighting style.

Practitioners who know the two Shouts created by Man (Dragonrend & Dragon Aspect) can utilize these as highly advanced techniques. Dragon Aspect not only covers the user in a cloak of ethereal dragon scale, but it also has the added benefit of creating subtler, yet stronger effects of any stances he/she can use. All used stances now last for as long as the immediate shout itself. 'Ro Laas' now differentiates friend from foe and which ones have currently been defeated. The "precog" of 'Ro Tiid' is now less pronounced and obvious to the user, and can now be cancelled out at will. 'Ro Feim' and 'Ro Wuld' are now combined in a way that acts as a last-ditch attempt to heal and protect the user when they approach a near-death state. Dragonrend can be focused into one's strikes to break through a dragon's scales, weakening their armor and strength like Marked For Death. It also seems to lessen a dragon's ability to Shout, not only causing them them to Shout less, but also greatly lowering the power of any Shouts they might use, primarily their Breath weapons.

When in 'Ro' during the usage of Dragon Aspect and using the combined effects of 'Ro Fiem' and 'Ro Wuld' (often taught as 'Ro Wuld Fiem' or 'Ro Fiem Wuld'), the stance causes a mid-range teleportation-like effect, making the user intangible for 60 seconds and speedily healing the fighter so that they may retreat or return to the fight. Unfortunately, this stance cannot be used consecutively, as it drains a great deal of Magicka as well as the fighter's Stamina and Breath. These can only be regained by a healer, potions, or any chance to regain the 'Ro' base stance.