So, this has been kind of bugging me and getting me to roll my eyes and exclaim to myself "Refined Malchite is a metallic mineral! It is not glass in any mundane sense." Now, I'm not going around telling mod users to not use these mods or mod authors to take these down. I just don't see the fascination with making something into something it's not (if that makes sense...) I'm not someone with any kind of expert knowledge on metallurgy or gemology, but generally, an opaque metal or mineral is going to stay opaque even if it's refined to a certain point. And, if it's forged into some sort of usable item, it's core elements become tighter, so wouldn't the opacity become "more", instead of "less"?

If anyone can give me some answers as to why these retextures 'make sense', please tell me so. I'd like to have some educated discussions with people. Trolls and stupid comments, however, will get removed immediately.