Hello everyone, Ravyn here. My well of roleplay creativity has run dry. So, as a small fix for that, I have decided to undergo creating in-depth & lore-friendly descriptions and/or short stories for each unique weapon. I have had the thought in writing these down in a very... D&D-style manner (I.E.: for the Blade of The Reach it would go something like this; This broadsword of Dwemer manufacture has been granted to any who have gained the title of Thane in the city of Markarth. Having been crafted by the Jarl's personal Blacksmith, Moth gro-Bagol, this weapon is of the same caliber of creation as any blade originally forged by the ancient Dwemer.)

So yea, it ain't perfect but I'm trying my best. If you'd like to help in any way, either by coming up with semi-canon short stories for some of the weapons (Though one's like Red Eagle's Bane/Fury will of course have a summarised version of the legend so as not to plagiarize). Whether you have questions, comments, suggestions, all are welcome. Trolling is not appreciated and will be treated accordingly, though I will leave the punishment to the admin's responsibility and discretion.

~*ahem*~ Anyways, I hope a few people who read this will give me some decent feedback. I look forward to working with those who wish to extend their aid. Thank you, and have a good day.