Hello fellow Elder Scrolls players! We hope your adventures are continuing to be fruitful and you aren't dying (too much).

With the release of The Elder Scrolls Online on the horizon, we wanted to make you aware of an opportunity coming down the line. We at Wikia have the chance to talk with Bethesda about the game, and we were wondering if you had any questions you wanted us to toss at them?

We now know who we'll be talking specifically with:

  • Matt Firor, Game Director
  • Paul Sage, Creative Director
  • Nick Konkle, Lead Gameplay Designer
  • Brian Wheeler, Lead PvP Designer

Obviously the usual caveats apply: while there may be a ton of questions, we won't be able to get to all of them, but we will try our very best to squeeze in as much as we can with whatever time we're given. And no questions about guppies.

Once we've gone through the interview, we'll be posting an Expert Showcase with the answers for your viewing pleasure!

To participate, just throw your questions into the comments section below.