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    Need Help With a Table

    December 31, 2016 by Razorgirl

    One of the things that I really wanted to get from this Wiki is the ability to look at a list of characters to find what I'm looking for. When it comes to Followers, this doesn't exist, so I thought I'd make a page to give me said list.

    Behold! List of Followers (Skyrim)

    This page lists all Followers in a single table that can be sorted based on what the player is looking for. That is, we can sort all followers based on Race, Class, Level Cap, who we can Marry, can they be a Steward, etc.

    For people that like to play thieves and assassins, it can be particularly helpful to know which followers they can use without fuss. But I'm a bit stumped as to how to go about it.

    If you're looking for a follower that you can use, which format would help yo…

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  • Razorgirl

    I was given the Remastered Skyrim for the PS4 by a mate for Christmas, and I thought I'd document my thoughts/observations here.

    The first thing that leaps out is of course, the graphics. Soooooooooo purty! Foliage appears to be less flat and more three-dimensional, the whole colour pallet is more vibrant (perhaps they took a page out of The Last of Us' book?), but it's the clouds that stand out the most to me - so realistic and just gorgeous.

    There are moments when I pause during gameplay to admire the work that's gone into it.

    Brilliant for those that like to play with multiple characters. Now all the saves that are relevant for each character can be bundled together. Yay.

    This is a new feature where upon it's the top of the menu and it will…

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  • Razorgirl

    Or... How playing a racist Stormcloak changed my perception of certain characters and quests.

    Whenever I've tried to play a character that sides with the Stormcloaks, I keep failing to connect with their quest on account of their, "Skyrim is for Nords" policy/attitude. I mean, it's really hard for an Orc to side with a group of people that are basically saying, "you don't belong here and we wish you'd leave". So I thought I'd try playing a Nord, so that I could have her join the Stormcloaks without any pesky complications regarding racial vilification.

    I like using Blogs to keep track of what my characters have done and are yet to do. I'm not sure it's incredibly interesting for anyone else, but it helps my gameplay. This time, however, I wan…

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    This blog documents some of my thoughts on the various followers in Skyrim. Marcurio first, since he's my favourite. The rest are in alphabetical order. Each character has a bit of a blurb about my experiences with them, and then some Benefits and Cons in having them as a Follower.

    This Blog will be updated with Followers as I use them, so I encourage you to come back every now and then to read about new reviews. Feel free to add requests for me to review your favourite Follower below.


    This is my suggestions for the best Follower, depending on your character/playstyle...

    Your Character Type/Playstyle Best Follower

    Melee Marcurio

    Ranged (Magic or Archery) Borgakh the Steel Heart

    Stealth Jenassa

    Imperial Legion Adelaisa Vendicci

    Stormcloak Erik the…

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    May 2, 2016 by Razorgirl

    I love playing Orcs. Ever since I first played a team of Orcs in Blood Bowl, I love playing Orcs. When I got a new/2nd hand PS3 and returned to playing Skyrim, I had to start again with a new character. I tried playing an Orc again but I needed to play something new. So I made an Imperial (Aelia Voria) and gave that a go. For the most part, playing an Imperial gave me the new/different perspective I was looking for, but once I reached Solsthim I started to with that I was playing my Orc.

    So I've remade my first Skyrim character, but I'm trying out some new things.

    My new concept is a "Nature Paladin", which means that I'm going to try to not kill any animals nor Spriggans. The only exceptions will be (I hope) Spiders and Dragons; jury's stil…

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