"Hello Atavus. It's me again. I need guidance..."
―Aella Voria, to a Statue of Tiber Septim at a Shrine of Talos[src]

This is a record of my Imperial character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (including Hearthfire and Dragonborn ). Please feel free to have a peruse and to give me advice on what I'm doing. This blog will be updated as my character grows and as I tick things off.

My Character

I'm playing an Imperial for the first time. OK, technically this is my second attempt, but I made some mistakes with my first attempt that could not be undone (like asking my Steward to decorate my home, and discovering that she'd put mounted Wolves heads on my walls. Not cool when I'm a werewolf) so I had to restart. I'm using this space to record my character's exploits and to keep track of what I've done (and what I've yet to do).

I called her Aelia as it was a female "Ancient Roman" name, and it had a vice cadence with "Voria".

New Rules

I thought I'd try some new things with this character to force me to try new things rather than relying on old habits.

  1. Stick to the Paths
    Normally I play by going in a straight line between two points. I know that nearly all locations have a path/track that leads to them, so I'm trying to play with an almost fanatical devotion of sticking to the paths. So far, this is turning out quite well
  2. No Alchemy
    I used to spend hours at an Alchemy table being OCD about unlocking all four traits of every ingredient. And I would stop to gather alchemy ingredients at various times. It's refreshing not caring about Alchemy, and selling all the ingredients I pick up from dungeons
  3. No Smithing/Enchanting until One-Handed is at level 100
    The idea is to not bloat my level with crafting skills. My smithing went up to 22 by building an Entry and Main Hall for Lakeview Manor, but I can avoid other activities as long as I can. My Enchanting skill is going up from recharging the Mace of Molag Bal, but I don't need to help it get any higher
  4. No Spells other than Restoration
    The ones that I'm most tempted by are Clairvoyance, Transmute Mineral Ore, and Magelight. I'm getting around Magelight by using torches. I'm hoping that I can avoid using Clairvoyance, and I'm trying to tell myself that by the time I'm using Smithing, I'll have more Septims than Zenithar and won't need to use it to generate wealth. I was going to avoid all magic all together, but I noticed Restorstion has a couple of perks that could be useful to a warrior type, namely the ability to restore stamina as well as health, and the Avoid Death perk.


Escaped Helgen with Hadvar

I've discovered that while I don't get a set of heavy armour like I would if I'd escaped with Ralof , I do now have an endless supply of free Iron and Steel Ingots from Alvor , which respawn after I take them. Sure, if I'd gone with Ralof I could just steal them, but I'm trying to play this character straight. My hope is that I'll be able to play here where I only have to steal Frost, and even then that will be "with permission".

More importantly, I want to join the Imperial Legion and I want to create a duplicate of the Jagged Crown (my favourite headgear). I tried to push it onto Ralof in Riverwood but it wouldn't work, so I had to restart my game. So here I am...

Became friends with Faendal

TESV Faendal
Sven was the first person I met and I disliked him being a manipulative milk-drinker. Plus, Camilla does indeed seem to prefer Faendal.   😄

Faendal is SUPER ANNOYING if you're playing a thief, as he doesn't approve of stealing. This time round I'm not looting everything that isn't nailed down so he's less annoying than he has been previously. I may not use him as my sacrifice to Boethiah after all.

Hired Jenassa

I thought I'd try using followers that aren't Marcurio [swoon]. I know Jenassa is good at sneak and thus won't blow my cover (right now she's probably better at it than I am), and she's good with a bow so she shouldn't get in the way when I'm fighting. Or at least, that was the theory anyway.

Turns out that if I give her any other weapon that isn't a bow, she will charge into combat and get in the way. If I don't give her anything other than a bow, she will use that for a while, but when enemies get too close she will result to punching on with them. 😳

So far all she's doing is making me appreciate Marcurio even more. I have no doubt that she would be excellent for people that have a different play-style than me; those that want to use sneak and to attack from afar, as she seems to prefer archery, but will tank when needed. Her dialogue is excellent, she's just not for me.

Hired and Married Marcurio

"I knew you couldn't stay away. Admit it, you were lost without me."
I am. I really am! 😍

My vanity resulted in me going to get a specific dress from Solitude. Then I put on my amulet of Mara, paid his fee, and we were married. I'm pretty sure this makes Marcurio a mail-order husband.  😳

Normally I wait to put on the amulet of Mara until we've done a few Quests together, but I wanted to get it done ASAP - which is in keeping with Skyrim tradition I guess.

"Brief as life can be in Skyrim, at least we'll have each other"

If nothing else, it means that I'm receiving Lover's Comfort, which will end once I become a Werewolf, but for now I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

I've since found this thread that talks about the best mage follower in the game, and I'm thrilled to see that Mercurio is indeed, hands down the best. And he's an Imperial.  😄

Got Frost

Frost Horse
I prefer the Piebald ponies from Markarth, but Frost is free. He supposedly has better stats, but I've never noticed the difference between him and a Markarth Piebald. But as a level 3 character, free is ace, and unlike my Markarth Piebalds, Frost has a name.

Yes, such things are important to me.  😛

I got a Dog!

Ysgramor dog
I got a Stray Dog. I found him wondering the countryside about near Falkreath. I know I will be very upset when it dies, but for now I'm using him as practice for when I get Vigilance.

Then I lost my dog. I went into Markarth and he was gone. I tried Fadt-Travelling but he was gone. 😭

Got the Mace of Molag Bal

This is by far my favourite One-Handed weapon. Strips health and stamina AND fills a soul gem. The only problem with it is that it's REALLY thirsty for souls.

Agent of Dibella

Became an Agent of Dibella

Hello "more combat damage to the opposite sex". Brilliant! 😍

Became a Werewolf, Ate Heimskr

Slaughered Heimskr during my first change and ate his heart.

From now on, whenever I visit the Gildergreen in Whiterun, it will be quiet, and peaceful, and tranquil.

No more ranting about Talos.
No more ranting about the "evils" of the Imperials and the Empire.

Just blissful... silence!

Got the Saviour's Hide

I love the look of this Light Armour. It doesn't look like my character is wearing a swimsuit (like Forsworn Armour does), nor does it look like she's wearing a sack. Sure, it offers little protection for legs and the throat, but at least her stomach isn't exposed to the world waiting to take an arrow.


Now all I need is to get some boots and gauntlets. This pick shows the Hide with Stormclock Officer's Gauntlets. The claws to match the outfit, but as an Imperial I'm not sure I can bring myself to go there.

Became an Agent of Mara

TESV Agent of Mara

Getting +15 (percent? I assume) Resist Magic is awesome. 😍

I now have to hand out leaflets.  😳

I thought it best for Fastred to follow her heart, rather than putting her father's needs above her own. I also thought it a bit weird/creepy for her to get together with Klimmek, because if he's old enough to be complaining that, "his knees aren't what they used to be", then he's probably too old for her.

However, whenever I'm in Riften late at night, I see Fastred and Bassianus Axius loitering around the market area. Do they not have a home to live in? Is she destined to turn tricks for Dibella while Bassianus avoids getting knee-capped by the Thieves Guild? I can't help but feel that I did wrong by her, but I got Mara's Blessing, so was this Mara's will?


I found Meeko. I figure I'll keep him around until I hit level 25, then I'll go get Vigilance. Hopefully I'll have a house and a kid by then, and they'll ask to adopt Meeko.

Joined the Imperial Legion

"Long live the Emperor. Long live the Empire."

Became Harbinger of The Companions

Glory of the Dead (Achievement)
When I start smithing, I'll be able to make Nordic Carved Armor. Once I spend a perk in the ability to smith Steel.

Level 20

20,000 Septims. Only Five more to go to get Proudspire Manor. Soon, I'll have to upgrade Meeko for Vigilance.

I prefer the homesteads, but if I build a Homestead, my Smithing will bloat to at least level 30. Plus, the kids I adopt will have other kids to play with in Solitude.

I tried to progress with the Imperial Legion Questline, but the game is forcing me to engage with the main Questline and to activate Dragons and my Dragon Shouts. Oh well. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Got the Wabbajack

Let the fun begin.

Purchased Proudspire Manor and became Thane of Haafingar

My first home!

Adopted Lucia

She's an Imperial, and while the children in the Orphanage have a roof over their heads, she doesn't. I wish I could find out who her Aunt and Uncle are so that we could "have words" about them stealing her land and abandoning their niece.

I discovered that if I tell Lucia to play outside, that she doesn't seem to play with the other kids; she just stands around on her own in the square outside Bits and Pieces.

Became Thane of Falkreath and Purchased Lakeview Manor

I knew I couldn't avoid Smithing forever. On the up-side, soon I'll be able to give all The Companions Nordic Weapons and I'll be able to improve Spellbreaker and the Mace of Molag .

Purchased Vlindrel Hall and Became Thane of The Reach

Now I only have to become a Thane of Morthal, and then I'll be Thane of all the Imperial Holds - up until more holds get returned to the fold.

Had A Night to Remember with Sam

Sam Guevenne
Went drinking with Sam Guevenne and got Sanguine Rose.

Got Rahgot's Mask

This quest took FOREVER! Not just because I kept stopping after each encounter to get Marcurio to pick up loot, but because the combination of traps and bad guys kept getting Meeko killed. The last battle with Rahgot was very tough as it was. I ended up telling Meeko to to home prior to the final fight. I hate how he whines when I tell him to go home. 😢

Level 25

$14,000 Septims, 14 Shouts (none of which are active yet as I'm still yet to kill my first Dragon).

Became Thane of Hjaalmarch and Purchased Windstad Manor

Lots of people say that Lakeview Manor is the prettiest home. I like Windstad and its view of Solitude over the ocean.

I decided to make this the place that I'll store my kit, so I built a;

I was expecting a lot more than five mannequins, and two weapon racks. 😳

Got Vigilance

There's nothing quite like a War Dog with a taste for human flesh. This boy will level with me until level 50. So long as he and Macurio don't try to kill each other.

Dark Brotherhood Note 2

Destroyed the Dark Brotherhood

It was a LOT easier than I thought it would be. But there was no Cicero, and no pre-pubescent vampire.

Lemkil Got Eaten by a Werewolf

I wasn't there at the time, but apparently a Werewolf came and popped his head clean off. All the villagers fled when it roared. Luckily, a Whiterun Guard was there that didn't flee, and the Werewolf ran away.

In slightly related news, his daughters Sissel and her twin sister Britte will now be in Honorhall Orphanage hoping to be adopted.


Adopted Sissel

She was abused by her father and older sister, and she has prophetic dreams. Now, after the tragic death of her father, she's my daughter.

Travelled to Solstheim

I still haven't activated Shouts yet. I wonder what will happen when I meet Miraak.

Sweet Mother of the Divines! I think I might have been a bit premeture in coming here. Ash Spawn are bloody hardcore!

Got Companion's Insight

Black Book
Found the Black BookThe Winds of Change and chose to get Companion's Insight. Now I no longer have to worry about accidentally killing my Followers, which means that I may now consider using people other than Marcurio.

Hey, I said I'd consider it, I didn't say I'd actually do it. I did marry him for a reason.

Level 30

I still haven't activated shouts.

Aelia's Family

To Do Lists

Dragon Lairs

When I started this character, I systematically tried to visit all the Dragon Lairs to collect all the shouts while I'm still a low-level character. Once I activate shouts by killing my first Dragon, then I'll have a selection to pick and choose from, AND I'll have Fast-Travel points so that I can go and kill dragons to activate the Shouts I have.

* No, I didn't defeat Krosis while I was level 7. I got the shout, looted the chest and I left and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'll come back when I'm a higher level... And have fire protection.

Divine Quests

TESV Agent of Mara
I thought I'd use this character to systematically collect a Blessing from each of the Divines. Turns out that while there are lots of Quests for priests of the various Divines, there are only two blessings I can receive. Boooo! Oh well.

Daedric Quests

I've had an issue with completing all the quests in the past, as they have conflicting agendas. Why would a good character eat people? Why would an evil character help Meridia?

However, since I'm a werewolf at the moment, I figure it's a bit hypocritical of me to have a problem with eating people, so I can do this quest and have it not feel weird.


Should I try to become Thane of all the Stormclock Holds before and/or after the Imperial Legion brings them back into the fold?

Which Hold should I become Thane of first? Which house should I get first?

Shrines to Build

This will require me building a Homestead, which will give me a smithing Skill of at least 30. So I'll probably get it at some point, but not just yet. For now, I'm at least collecting the items I need...

I wish I could build a Shrine of Azura and/or Meridia....

Unusual Gems

TESV Unusual Gem
I thought I'd use this space to tick off each gem as I find/collect them. I've never been able to collect all of them...
  1. Black-Briar Lodge
  2. Kodlak White-Mane 's room in Jorrvaskr (double-checked)
  3. Reeking Cave (double-checked)
  4. Jarl's Quarters in Mistveil Keep in Riften - wait, my inventory says I only have 3 😳
  5. Wuunferth the Unliving's Quarters in the upstairs area of the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm
  6. Jarl's Quarters in Dragonsreach
  7. Jarl's Quarters in the Blue Palace
  8. Dwemer Museum in Markarth
  9. Proudspire Manor
  10. Stony Creek Cave
  11. Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary - ooh! I'm back at having the right number of Gems

Frost's Kill-Count

I know the game doesn't keep track of what my pony kills, so I'm using this space to do so. I love my psychotic pony.

It seems Frost doesn't like Ice Trolls. He'll quite happilly charge at Giants, Mammoths, standard Trolls and anything else I've ever encountered, but for the first time ever he isn't charging into combat, an instead retreats to a safe distance.

Nope. I take it back. The moment I'm sneaking and I don't want Frost to charge into attack, is when he charges to attack. 😄

Skill Bumps

This is a list of places/methods that I can use to get a +1 to various skills...

Follower (Free) Training


People that I can complete Quests for a get a +1. So, people I should seek out when my skill is at level 99.

When I started playing this character I thought I'd try out using Light Armour instead of Heavy Armour as the Perks look way more interesting. However, I was getting clubbed like a Baby Horker. There are characters that do 200 points of damage, so that means that I need to be able to get 160 points of armour. I'm not sure that I can get that with just light armour and perks, especially since I will be wearing the The Jagged Crown once I get it, and that's a heavy armour piece, which means I won't get the buffs from wearing all Light Armour, let alone an entire set.


I called my character Aella Voria. She is the descendant of Geldall Septim, eldest son of Uriel Septim VII and Caula Voria. I find it extremely unlikely that the heir to the empire would be killed at age 56 without having any children. What I find much more likely is that Caula hid her grandchilden away to protect them from the massacre that claimed her children.

I know people think that playing a descendant of Tiber Septim breaks with Lore. I think that there is room for such a concept. 

When misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world
When the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped
When the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles
When the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls
When the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding
The World-Eater wakes, and the Wheel turns upon the Last Dragonborn

The Tiber Septim line's rule ended, but that doesn't mean that it can't rise again.  ; )