One of the things that I really wanted to get from this Wiki is the ability to look at a list of characters to find what I'm looking for. When it comes to Followers, this doesn't exist, so I thought I'd make a page to give me said list.

Behold! List of Followers (Skyrim)

This page lists all Followers in a single table that can be sorted based on what the player is looking for. That is, we can sort all followers based on Race, Class, Level Cap, who we can Marry, can they be a Steward, etc.

For people that like to play thieves and assassins, it can be particularly helpful to know which followers they can use without fuss. But I'm a bit stumped as to how to go about it.

If you're looking for a follower that you can use, which format would help you identify the followers you can use?

List of Followers Morality

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Option 1: Single Column

Have a single column that has a word that is a code for what they will/won't do.

  • Lawful - They are law abiding citizens and will report you if you commit any crimes in their presence
    • They won't abide you attacking/killing innocents and will attack you if you do it in front of them
    • Won't abide you stealing and they will report you if you do it in front of them
  • Virtuous - Annoying for thieves and assassins
    • They will complain when you trespass (no inventory management)
    • They won't care if you steal, but they won't do it for you (which includes picking up stolen items)
  • Shady - Not clean, but not dirty
    • They will complain when you trespass
    • They will steal for you (but you will get the bounty if they get busted for doing it)
  • Devoted - They are either completely loyal to you and will almost do anything for you
    • You can access their inventory while you're trespassing
    • They will steal for you
    • They will kill an innocent for you
  • Honey Badger - They don't give a damn about anything

Is there actually any different between Devoted and a Honey Badger? Is there something that Cicero will do that a Housecarl won't do?

Option 2: Multiple Columns

Have multiple columns and state whether or not the follower is OK with it;

  • Sneaking
  • Trespass
  • Stealing
  • Murdering Innocents

The downside to this method is that it makes the table wider than is optimum, which then means you can't see all the table in one go and have to scroll sideways to see the columns on the far right.


Please feel free to add comments/feedback below, and/or go to the List of Followers (Skyrim) page and help fill in the blanks.