I was given the Remastered Skyrim for the PS4 by a mate for Christmas, and I thought I'd document my thoughts/observations here.


The first thing that leaps out is of course, the graphics. Soooooooooo purty! Foliage appears to be less flat and more three-dimensional, the whole colour pallet is more vibrant (perhaps they took a page out of The Last of Us' book?), but it's the clouds that stand out the most to me - so realistic and just gorgeous.

There are moments when I pause during gameplay to admire the work that's gone into it.

Saves Bundled by Character

Brilliant for those that like to play with multiple characters. Now all the saves that are relevant for each character can be bundled together. Yay.

Quick Save

This is a new feature where upon it's the top of the menu and it will save with minimal fuss. The only problem with it is that it's a little too easy to mistakenly touch on it when what I really wanted to do was to scroll down to "Load" so that I could go back to the previous Quick Save. Doh!

I can't help but feel that Bethesda need to have two different colours in their UI, one for Load, the other for Save. Blue and Orange, or something similar like that. Something that allows us to instantly go, "no wait, that's orange, that means I'm in the Save Screen, not the Load Screen".

Faster Load Screens

WAY faster. Popping about from place to place is no where near as annoying now. Fast Travel has just become SO much more convienient! 😍

Bugs - Some Old, Some New

You would think that a remastered game would have less bugs, but sadly this seems to not be the case.

Does Bethesda event test bro?

I kill something/someone and the body goes invisible (if I'm *super* lucky, I can figure out where to stand to be able to get the option to loot their invisible corpse)

Why aren't my Quest Markers showing up in my map?

Blood on the Ice is still bugged.

Weapon Racks in Lakeview are still bugged.

Better Item Placement

This was something I was really hoping would be in this version and sadly it is not. 😫

I don't know which developer thought that it'd be a good idea to have it that when we pick up an item, that it would move around in a random manner and/or would turn upside down so that it would take us 20 minutes just to put a Bee in a Jar on a shelf the right way up, only to give up and to put it on the shelf upside down, and then discover that it's on the floor the next time we enter our home and that all that work to put it where we wanted to put it was wasted... but that developer should be punched in the face!  😡

Seriously Bethesda! Why is this still a thing?!?!!!!!!

All the DLCs (Crossbows)

BM Huntsman Crossbow weapon
I didn't own Dawn Guard before, so it's interesting how the game changes for a level 5 character with all the DLCs. I'm now spoilt for choice... Do I fight in the war or help to rid Skyrim of its Vampire menace? Crossbows are a major game-changer for low-level characters. I killed my first giant at level 9, which was previously not something I'd have considered - though maybe that's also because I'm now more experienced at playing and know how to dodge their attacks, but I'm pretty sure it's because crossbows are badarse.

Regardless, crossbows are a serious game-changer for those that haven't played with Dawn Guard before.

Dogs and Followers and Doorways

One of The Most Irritating Thing™ About having a follower was their penchant for standing in a doorway and blocking your path when you wanted to exit a room. This seems to have been fixed. While they do still loiter in doorways (particularly dogs), they get out of the way as soon as you make contact with them. 😍🎉🎊👍


Bethesda seem to have successfully named and shamed Sony into allowing Mods on their PS4. And/or, perhaps fan-rage and fear of conversion helped to sway Sony's opinions on Mods. I know I was one of many disgruntled fans that posted on Sony's FB Page my disgust and that I was considering switch to XBone if they didn't allow Mods. Hooray for market pressure being used for awesome! 😄

So yeah... PS4 Players can now get Mods. Yay!!! I'm yet to give any of them a go as I want to see what's different about the game sans Mods for now.

Reset Achievements

Sadly, all my Achievements were tagged to the PS3 version of the game, so now I'm back to a clean slate.

Is it Worth It?

On the whole, I'd say it is.

One additional bonus for me is that I now have one less reason to keep a PS3 around. It takes up an additional HDMI slot that I'd rather go to something else, it's one more item to clutter up the area around my TV, and it's going to die at some point, and this means that I won't loose my ability to play Skyrim when it does.

Overall, losing my save games is worth it. Plus, it means we're giving Bethesda more money to spend on Developer's salaries to create the next Elder Scrolls game, and that can only be a good thing.