I love playing Orcs. Ever since I first played a team of Orcs in Blood Bowl, I love playing Orcs. When I got a new/2nd hand PS3 and returned to playing Skyrim, I had to start again with a new character. I tried playing an Orc again but I needed to play something new. So I made an Imperial (Aelia Voria) and gave that a go. For the most part, playing an Imperial gave me the new/different perspective I was looking for, but once I reached Solsthim I started to with that I was playing my Orc.

So I've remade my first Skyrim character, but I'm trying out some new things.


My new concept is a "Nature Paladin", which means that I'm going to try to not kill any animals nor Spriggans. The only exceptions will be (I hope) Spiders and Dragons; jury's still out as to whether I should count trolls as animals or monsters. So far I'm counting them as animals.

This concept also means no thieving (so no Thieves Guild membership for me), and no robbing graves and burial urns.


I almost always get Marcurio (whom I adore), but he does prevent me from getting a lot of XP. So now that I can get the Black Book perk that means we can't hurt companions, I feel liberated to take a melee follower without the fear of killing them with backswing.

I thought I'd go out of my way to try followers that I haven't used before.

What I want out of followers is:

  • Will draw enemies to them
  • Won't die easily (hardy)
  • Won't get in the way

That last one is the kicker, and is why I love Marcurio so much.

This is a list for me to reference who I've tried. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.