I like to play on Consoles rather than PCs. I tried PC gaming when I was a beta-tester for ESO and I did not enjoy it as much as I do console gaming. My Playstation died on me two years ago and I recently purchased a refurbished PS3 purely so I could play Skyrim and Dynasty Warriors (there aren't a lot of games I enjoy, but really enjoy the few I do).

I thought I'd use this space to explain why I prefer console gaming over PC gaming. People keep asking me in forum discussions, so rather than have a thread derail off-topic, I can now refer people here.

I like being able to sit back in my armchair and for my play to be relaxed and enjoyable, rather than "sitting up at a computer in work mode".

My Mac is my work computer, and I do video editing so HD space is a premium. Installing games that take up 23 Gig of space is not something I should be doing as I need all the "scratch space" I can get for my work.

Having played Skyrim on an Xbox and a Playstation, I can say that hands down the graphics are better on a playstation. Most people probably won't be able to tell the difference, but when you spend hours in a video editing program, you get an "eye" for high definition, and it's turned me into a graphics snob.

But most importantly of all, when I'm at my computer, I don't want a Skyrim icon to be sitting there, looking at me, being something that I could access at any time when I'm supposed to be doing work. Keeping my games on my consoles means playing them is a conscious choice, rather than a temptation when I'm supposed to be doing other things.

I get that some people prefer PC gaming, but it's not for me.