READ THE BLOG ALL THE WAY THROUGH. People tend to comment on things that are already explained before reading their explanations. Alright, it seems most people get to do a review of Skyrim so I don't see why I should be left out of "Fun with criticism". Lets start with the faults shall we? No sense making it look great in the beginning only to have the amazement come crashing down.

Faults of Skyrim


I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time focusing on the games many glitches, as I'm sure many of you people have already read about/heard about/stumbled upon and cursed at your TV because you had to start over glitches. How about instead, we cover the main ones. 

1.Framerate drops: Not as much of a problem for Xbox players and your updates or PC players and your mods, but PS3 players occasionly experience a huge drop of the Frames Per Second while doing some thing important. Too many times have I been in a fight with a Legendary Dragon when a small squadron pof the Rebel Alliance (Stormcloaks) shows up and causes the screen to all but freeze up as the game takes a moment to load their actions. Now I admit that, with recent patches, this is less of a problem then it used to be, but it still happens, and when it does it can mess a large part of your game up if you aren't the "save around every corner type".

2.Random disapearences: A much bigger problem then the first. This happens to more NPCs but I'll use the beloved by all for some reason Lydia as an example. You are just adventuring in the wilds when Lydia vanishes from where she's standing. You think "Where did she go?" and you hunt around for her, even checking the halls of the dead to see if she had died. Nothing. You shrug and continue adventuring, but it's much harder with out a companion to help you along, and you can't get a new one because the game still sees poor old missing Lydia as your companion. At last you make it through most of the game and you're busy fighting a Legendary Dragon and poof! She's suddenly there shooting it with weak little iron arrows. Your first thought is "Oh my gosh it's Lydia! Hurrah!", then, your returned companion of old is promptly torched by the dragon and you're left feeling like you should have done that to her when you first met her for all the trouble she's caused. Now again, that was only an example, and it can happen with any character, some more than others.

3.Wannabe guards: Now if you're brave, you can power through the prievious glitches, but this will stop you in your tracks wherever you are. Literally. Some people, like [[Farkas}}, will suddenly act like guards and follow you relentlessly, constantly forcing you into conversation with them if you have a bounty in any of the nine holds. Sometimes they interupt you in a conversaition about your bounty with an actual guard, causing said guard to attack. A usual fix for this is to get rid of all your bounties, which can be a real pain if you don't have cash or are afraid of a dark damp jail cell.

4."Good" Glitches Glitches that people feel "ruin the game" are things like the Oghma Infinium glitch, or the Fortify restoration glitch. Basically cheating, these glitches help you out in the game, but can make skyrim too easy too fast.

5. It didn't work!: The absolute worst glitch, if it can be called that, is when one of the suggested fixes for a major glitch doesn't work, and you're left having to restart your game. Enough said here. Moving on the the next section: Marriage....

6.other glitches:

  • Quest Glitches~unable to finish
  • Clipping~getting caught in objects
  • Disappearing object glitch
  • Infinite Loading Screens


Glitches said, the next complaint section is that of marriage, a new idea for the Elder Scrolls universe that lets you choose a wife/husband from the many different ones in the game. First of all, except for a few select people, such as Aela the Huntress, the dialogue is all the same. For females (I don't know about the guys and I'm not trying to find out) they say as follows: (Girl): An amulet of Mara. I'm surprised someone like you isn't spoken for. (You): Intrested in me are you? (Girl): Of course. Why wouldn't I be? Are you...Intrested in me? (You): Yes I am/No I'm not. (Girl): Yay/Nay. **Cut! End of scene** That added to the fact that I'm fairly sure all of them have the same voice makes marriage not seem so special. Second of all, people you do favors for, like Camilla and Muri, can't seem to get over the fact that you've done so. They constantly thank you for "taking care of my little problem" or "Bringing the claw back where it belongs" and so forth. Bottom line is, if you want someone who seems slightly more unique than a typical Skyrimer, Complete their questline and marry someone from the companions guild. That way, you not only have a unique spouse, but a faithful folower as well (unless of course they start following you around as a wannabe guard).


I believe that I've heard this complaint before (possibly from Milkman) so I've decided to include it. You get no recognition from anybody for saving the world or killing the emperor or something like that. Sure the Greybeards will repeat the same thanks over and over and guards will ocasionlly make comments about it (right after insulting you) but for the general populace you get nothing. Ulfric Stormcloak's right hand man still doesn't think you can take on an Ice Wraith even if you show up in full daedric armor after having killed 7 dragons simultaniously with a single strike of a wood cutters axe. Fake people will be  fake people I guess.


The return of one of the worst mistakes in Oblivion, shopkeepers can be killed! Should you go werewolf in the middle of town accidentally (for fun), and you end up having to kill the local merchant to get rid of witnesses, than next time you need to sell realise that you mauled the shopkeeper last time. You end up going crazy and go on a killing spree. Now you're in the Markarth mines wishing you had just let him live.

The good parts


Now here's a thing I really enjoyed. Crawling all over Skyrim to find some book or something never felt like it was worth it. But shouts are a another matter. A lot of people say that they aren't that useful, and that they'd rather rely on their amazing enchanted Daedric weapons. But shouts just feel cool. Sending people flying, even if not that practical, is awesome looking. Storm cal, was by far my favourite. I'd travel around to different mountain top Word Walls just to fight a Legendary Dragon on master difficulty with a raging thunder storm around me. It was like I was in the end of a movie. Combined with the Fortify Restoration glitch to give you unlimited shouts, Shouts become much more useful, and you can experiment with the different shout mixes.

Daedric Quests

These quests added a bit of interest to the normal hum drum side quests that Skyrim is filled with. Wabbajack is by far my favourite.

Cool looking stuff and areas

Skyrim is a beautiful game. Wonderful scenery and objects add a large part of the game's appeal. While I could certainly deal with a bit more diversity in landscape, I guess that's what Solistheim is for.

Just one more minute syndrome

The ultimate appealing factor. Somebody calls up at you to hurry up, and you call back "One more Minute!" And before you know it, you're living in Skyrim and taking bathroom breaks to real life.

The Verdict

Skyrim has a great many faults and considerably less upsides. Yet somehow, the upsides make the faults ridiculously easy. Skyrim would get a 9 out of 10 in my book for no other reason than it's fun...somehow. Skyrim rocks. Cased closed. I'm off to collect Daedra hearts.