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    'Redguard' DLC thoughts

    February 10, 2013 by Relite25

    Okay guys, so about a month or so ago, the wonderful Timeoin made a blog that said that the next DLC was rumored to be called 'Redguard'. So I was thinking, it would kinda make sense if it was called that.

    My thoughts on it are that the Dragonborn eventually goes to Hammerfell and while you are there, the people of Hammerfell heard of your power in Skyrim, and one thing leads to another, and they ask you to help them defend their homeland from the Aldmeri Dominion, which is now being invaded by the Aldmeri Dominion again, because they have now ignored that treat and want to strike again. They want someone with your strength to lead an attack on the land that is occupied by the Thalmor. And eventually, they realize that with just the army of…

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  • Relite25

    What if we went to Akavir?!

    September 11, 2012 by Relite25

    The Elder Scrolls series has been a grand gaming series for many many years now, all taking place in our lovable little continent of Tamriel. Most people know of the other continent on Nirn called Akavir. A land that we know very little of, other than that most people there hate the people of Tamriel.

    The land composes of at least 4 races that we know of.

    The Tsaesci- The vampiric snake people that ate all the humans and many dragons on Akavir, and then eventually invaded our home of Tamriel.

    The Ka'Po'Tun- The Tiger people on Akavir have both a fierce hatred of the Tsaesci, and the people of Tamriel. Their own leader, now has become the largest dragon in all of Nirn, and want to first destroy the snake people, and then form an allegiance with…

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  • Relite25

    There have been a butt-load of people that have been talking about ideas for the next dlc. I just really want to know what the people here want.

    I've heard so many on here, that I couldn't count how many, but apparently there are a lot of people with new ideas with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, new dlc's are coming into peoples minds.

    So what do you want in the next dlc? More quests from the guilds or the Civil War mabye? Or how about adding the werebears? I dont know, but with all the ideas I have been reading about, im sure there are a handful of good ideas that are possible, but just how many good ideas are there?

    I personally would love a quest to help with the Civil War or a storyline that includes mabye Cyrodiil again, …

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    Sure, we know the daedric princes. good ol' mehrunes dagon, molag bol, azura. all of these are known by most people, but princes like peryite are not so much known.

    but is there daedric princes that nobody knows about? ones that have not been seen, either because they prefer not to mess with the mortals? or mabye they are trapped in an oblivion realm that cant be accessed by mortals. who knows?

    so do we really know all the daedric princes? are there more of them out there in the realms of oblivion? and if so, why dont they meddle with the mortal world like most of the other princes we know?

    so is there a chance that there are more daedric princes? i dont know, but if i had to bet, i would guess there are possibly many more. wouldnt you agree? …

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  • Relite25

    A New Numidium

    June 21, 2012 by Relite25

    Well, me and some of my co-workers were thinking of rebuilding a new Numidium, and I was wondering, can it be done?

    The first Numidium was mostly, if not completly, destroyed during Daggerfall, and the second Numidiium was also mostly, if not completly, destroyed by lava. But I heard somewhere that (dont count me on this) the Blades had collected parts of one of the two, and were trying to reconstruct one.

    Our 'leader' asked me if it is possible to rebuild one, and since none of us really knew, I figured somebody on this Wiki would know more infomation on it than us, so if you know if it is possible to recreate another 'Brass god', or not, then please comment below. Thank you.

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