Okay guys, so about a month or so ago, the wonderful Timeoin made a blog that said that the next DLC was rumored to be called 'Redguard'. So I was thinking, it would kinda make sense if it was called that.

My thoughts on it are that the Dragonborn eventually goes to Hammerfell and while you are there, the people of Hammerfell heard of your power in Skyrim, and one thing leads to another, and they ask you to help them defend their homeland from the Aldmeri Dominion, which is now being invaded by the Aldmeri Dominion again, because they have now ignored that treat and want to strike again. They want someone with your strength to lead an attack on the land that is occupied by the Thalmor. And eventually, they realize that with just the army of Hammerfell, there is no way they could possibly do more than dent the Dominion's defenses, so then, the leader of Hammerfell asks you to go back to Skyrim and ask the current faction leader of Skyrim (Ulfric or Tullius) if they would help the people of Hammerfell by combining together and having one big army. The Dominion retaliates, because they know that if just one province unites together, it could prove to be a difficult problem. So then, the whole DLC is pretty much about the armies of Skyrim and (I suppose northern) Hammerfell come together to send the Thalmor away permanently.

That's the summery of what I thought of when I heard of the possibility that the next DLC would be named 'Redguard', but something else I thought of, (actually, while I was writing this) was that both faction leader of Skyrim refuse to cooperate with the people of Hammerfell, because they both think that helping them would only make the Thalmor strike them next, but you know that the right thing to do is to help the people of Hammerfell, so you challenge them to a duel and if you win, you will unofficially, become the leader of Skyrim. You then proceed to use the army you now have, and you join forces with the army of Hammerfell and defend both provinces from the Thalmor. And this could lead to another DLC somewhere, and then, when The Elder Scrolls VI comes out, there will be 2 large armies doing damage to the Aldmeri Dominion together, and eventually other provinces will follow.

So, in short, you kill off both main factions and claim the throne of Skyrim for yourself (and most people would accept it, because you are Dragonborn), join forces with the people of Hammerfell, and once again, throw the Thalmor out of Hammerfell and Skyrim.

But those just my ideas, what are your thoughts and ideas for ‘Redguard’ if it is an upcoming DLC?