Me and 2 good friends of mine have been in a serious conversation and hopefully (but sadley doubt), that we may make a story about it.

Our story takes place about 30 years before Skyrim, and them to about 10 years after skyrim, and I dont want to put too much info about it right now, because it put this down before everything is in place. If any of us are having problems trying to figure something out, I will put it down here, and hopefully (but yet still doubt that someone would see anything), sombody who is an Elder Scrolls fan who doesn't break the one rule I have set up in our little project. "The lore is law, and the law is sacred". We try our best to not break the lore, and do all our "homework" about infomation on our project. And if somebody (or anybody) helps us contribute to this project, I will personally give you credit. Thank you, if you are not a hater who doesn't like my work, then dont comment, but otherwise, I and my small staff of about 7 people will thank all of you who help our dream come true. Thanks.