Here are the unofficial backstories to out charactors in Revival. It IS unofficial, so it might change a lot eventually. Please comment if something in our story doesn't seem quite right to you, so we can make it the best we can. Thank you.

Name: J'skarra (originally just J'skar)
bio: born 2 of Firstseed in the jungles of Elsweyr. Son of the leader of an important tribe. At age 10 was addicted to skooma. The Mane (who is a member of my tribe) saw this as a weakness in his kin and abandond me in the desert. Broke my addiction and returned to the tribe at 16 to find the mane had been murdered by a Thalmor agent, claiming it was heretical to follow a mere beast. This angered many tribes who rose up against the Thalmor, but a few tribes and the Imperial-influenced cities rose to the defence of the Thalmor. I rose to power as a tribe leader being the warrior breed of Khajiit known as Cathy-rahy having the title "ra" added to my name when I turned 25. I united the tribes and pushed out most of the Thalmor forces when the armies from Black Marsh started to invade the land...

Bio: 3rd of evening star. Orphaned as a child was raised by a spellcaster in the courts of Highrock. Shown exceptional skill in the magics at a young age, but has always been interested in various other skills preferably using a blade, and always sneaking into areas that he should not be in. Whilst sneaking, he stumbled upon a plot to kill the king and his court. He ran to warn his master and found him "clutching to the last embers of life." Asking him who did this, he found it was the current leader of the army trying to seize power from the government. Ran to the kings aid to find that the general had confronted the king, and tried to poison him. Pulled the king off to the side, told him of the plot. The king did not believe him. than took a drink of the wine that had been poisoned. The king realised his mistake and in his dying breathe accuesed the general and prased Myrrdin for the uncovering of the plot. The general decapitated the king but Myrrdin pulled his sword and killed the general. The court then hailed him as king.

name: Hides-his-Eyes

Bio: Born on 5th of secondseed in Helstrom. Orphaned by Dark Brotherhood. Seccesfully completed first contract at age 8 by assassinating (unknown at the time) the paternal father of Arcturus Vexus. By becoming a Shadowscale, effectivley became a skilled assassin at such a young age, the Dark Brotherhood then trained me to overthrow the An-xhleel King of Argonia and rule over it. After realizing that dictatorship (like the rulings of the old king) was not the best way to gain the trust of other people, I became the biumvariate King of agonia, along with the the King of Morrowind. We come together and settle our racial diffrences by becoming more influental with eachothers races and realize that we have a common enemy. The Aldimeri Dominion. Knowing the Khajiits are somewhat loyal to the Dominion, I realise I can defeat my enemies, the Khajiits, on their own territory. I gather my army of Agonians and leave the Dunmer to build a Naval base, and we invade and attempt to destroy the capital of elswyre. When my army arrives at the capital city of Elsweyr, I realise that there is a civil war happening in the city. I halt a cease fire, and see the leader of the rebellion, J'skarra. He valiently overthrew the Thalmor forces in the city and gains followers to his cause and succedes in the over throwing. I have two guards come with me and we peacefully reconized eachother, and after he say my forces, my men took down the cat who was much more built than me, and brawled hum into submission, so that I could explain my new plan. take the 2 beast races and attack the Thalmor. We then successfully save the citys of the north, west, and central Elswyre from the Dominion forces and we then rally up and go north to Cyradiil where we meet up with our squardens and meet with the new emperor of Tamriel, Arcturus Vexus. The new Emperor of Tamriel...