Well, what do you want?

There have been a butt-load of people that have been talking about ideas for the next dlc. I just really want to know what the people here want.

I've heard so many on here, that I couldn't count how many, but apparently there are a lot of people with new ideas with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, new dlc's are coming into peoples minds.

So what do you want in the next dlc? More quests from the guilds or the Civil War mabye? Or how about adding the werebears? I dont know, but with all the ideas I have been reading about, im sure there are a handful of good ideas that are possible, but just how many good ideas are there?

I personally would love a quest to help with the Civil War or a storyline that includes mabye Cyrodiil again, but thats just me, but What does everyone else want?

Thanks for contributing if you do.