The Elder Scrolls series has been a grand gaming series for many many years now, all taking place in our lovable little continent of Tamriel. Most people know of the other continent on Nirn called Akavir. A land that we know very little of, other than that most people there hate the people of Tamriel.

The land composes of at least 4 races that we know of.

The Tsaesci- The vampiric snake people that ate all the humans and many dragons on Akavir, and then eventually invaded our home of Tamriel.

The Ka'Po'Tun- The Tiger people on Akavir have both a fierce hatred of the Tsaesci, and the people of Tamriel. Their own leader, now has become the largest dragon in all of Nirn, and want to first destroy the snake people, and then form an allegiance with the monkey people of Tang Mo to invade our land.

The Tang Mo- The monkey people of Akavir that are pretty much the race that gets bullied by most of the other races on Akavir, especially by the snake people, but they have since made an alliance with the Ka'Po'Tun, so that they don't get invaded. The Tang Mo and the Ka'Po'Tun make an excellent allegiance to come and invade our wonderful homeland.

The Kamal- Snow demons that thaw out every year and attempt to invade the Tang Mo, actually attempted to invade Morrowind at one point in history, but were defeated.

All this is great, but what if instead of being in our land of Tamriel every game; Bethesda does something a little bit different, and put the next game into the land of Akavir. Sure, there are only 4 races, but if Bethesda made the next game take place in Akavir, then there are so many possibilities they can do with it, without breaking the lore. Well, mostly because there isn't much lore on this to begin with, so it would be pretty much a brand new experience for people.

What I want...

I think one of the best ways to do this, is by being the Nerevar from Morrowind, since it is stated that he went there, and since he is immortal, then it would be lore friendly if he was still alive. You could go from one country to the next, since the whole land of Akavir is relatively small compared to Tamriel. So really, you could be any of the original races of the previous games, but not any of the new races though, (which is kind of a letdown) but you still can have the human races available, (maybe they could just leave out human races) because humans have not been on Akavir for a very long time, so many could not even know what they are anymore.

The lore would actually be pretty fun to mess around with really. There could be new deities that we have never even heard of, and maybe even still have some others that are greatly referenced in the new land, like the ideas of Anu and Padomay. There could maybe even cults on the land (like the Thalmor) that will destroy and kill anyone who worships Akatosh for saving the people of Tamriel, while the other gods abandoned the people of Akavir.

There could still be guilds and organizations like a mage guild formed by the Tsaesci, or the Dark Brotherhood (maybe not them, but still...) to make the gamers feel at least a little bit less alienated by the new story and such.

The greatest benefit of adding the new continent to the next game, would simply be the adding of the lore to almost anything you want! All new experiences in an all new world, the imagination is almost boundless!

But, there are most likely something negative i see coming. If they decide to set the storyline in the future after the events of the last game, then we will most likely not fight in the 2nd Great War, but we could still hear various rumors on what is happening on our lost home of Tamriel by the townfolk. "Did you hear about those Elves in Tamriel? Looks like a very bloody war is going on." or "You hear about those strange lizards on Tamriel? I heard that they are taking some matters into their own hands now." (hint-hint)

But not fighting in the 2nd Great war is a small price to pay for something as epic as exploring the new land of Akavir, where you can fight in a war of your own. The Tigers vs the Snakes, the Monkies vs the evil Snowmen. I would be pretty upset with this, but I would still enjoy the new experiences.

What do you all want?

What do you think would make this experience a grand one?

Or do you think that a game set in Akavir should never see the light of day?

I don't know about you, but If i am the Nerevar again, I would be extremly happy.

So what would everyone want in the game if they made it? What kind of storyline, what new mechanics, everything! Just comment below, and I will do my best to reply on all or most comments to show you all that I am interested in what everyone says. Thank you