• I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Student, Hobbyist
  • I am Male
  • ResonX


    MOLEMAN'S EPIC RAP BATTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    …SHEOoooww– *static*

    Ooh, let me just go ahead, laddy.

    • Sheogorath: •

    Uncle Sheo has the skill for sending shivers to these jams,

    So take a helpful hint, resume a stony stasis state and scram!

    This hodgepodge against the Madgod? The sod is unworthy!

    Oughta tear out his intestines; turn the tracts all topsy–turvy.

    Sovereign prince, I reign supreme in much the manner of Celestia.

    I'll make your head a trophy; let Relmyna use the rest of ya'.

    My Wabbajack'll whack a wacko Jabberwocky clown;

    Be crossing me, I guarantee you're going down, down, down!

    Ya' know I'm on a sweet roll, and your demise is what I'm stipulating;

    Stick a fork in you and Spli…

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