Please see this page .

The organization of the page could be better. Why not instead have a page for each SET of armor, and the stats of the individual items listed on that page? And a seperate section on this page for unique armor pieces, to link to their pages? I can't do all of this myself though. Well, I could, but It would be nice to have help. It will take awhile.

So, everybody, start making pages for each of the armor sets and uploading images. Also each page should have a chart listing the pieces, the basic armor rating, approximate cost, and an image of each piece. There should also be a picture of how the armor looks as a set.

This will take a while to complete, so I suggest phasing out the old layout slowly. First, we add a section called armor sets. When an armor set page is completed and linked to, we will remove the links to the individual pieces of gear.

As for the pages of the individual items, I am unsure whether we should keep those up or not. I suppose it couldn't hurt, although it's a bit repetitive. Perhaps the pages shall remain until this entire endeavor is finished.

Thanks, guys! Retardedmoose (talk) 00:18, December 23, 2011 (UTC)