Sundas, 17th of Last Seed, 4E 201

 Bumpy was the road and loud was the hooves upon it. Both woke Ahashi to a shocking sight. Only female in a wagon of men, including the one guiding the horse. I was scared and didn't knowwhat to do or say. My vision cleared and that's when this blond nord, sitting across from me, started talking to me. Asking me questions I couldn't answer becaus of Ahashi's fear. He said something to a horse thief, and the thief was rude at first. He started talking to the blond man next to me, who was gagged for some odd reason. Heard the one sitting across from me call the man Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, which is odd, because the Jarls shouldn't be in a prisoner wagon. He and the one in front of me must have done something really bad. Found out the horse thief was from Rorikstead. I have no idea where that is. These nords have strange names for their cities. I didn't think the trip was going to end or if this Nord across from me was going to shut up. He talkes way to much, but then the wagons stopped in Helgen, a small little town known as a fort. Seems like a safe place, if one was not in bindings.

 We were to step over to the chopping block as our names were called from a list, Jarl Ulfric was called first, then the blond that sat across from me, his name, Ralof. Then the horse thief. He was called, Lokir, but he panicked and started running. Archers took care of him at th command of the Captain. She was a brutal carefree woman. Didn't even care if my name was or wasn't on the list. Which was strange. I wasn't on the list, but was sent to the block anyways. I am Khajiit, but that doesn't mean they need to assume that I have done something wrong. The Imperial Legion cannot be trusted.

 I was waiting my turn for the chopping block, when this strange noise perverted the air with its sound. It was dismissed. Then we heard it again and once more it was dismissed. It was my turn, second to lie upon the chopping block when this dark blur darted across the sky and behind the tower the block was located at. The exeutioner had just lifted up his ax when the thing landed on the tower and let loose this terrible sound that shook the ground and knocked over the executioner. It took me a moment to clear my head and regain my vision and footing.  Everyone scattered and started running around, which only made me wish the poor soul before me could have made it a bit longer.  I was asked to follow Ralof by himself, into anoher tower where we took cover with Ulfric. Still, my bindings were not cut and it was hard to run with bound hands, but I managed. I am Khajiit after all, we have much better agility and balance than the naked skins. Th fire balls falling from the sky was not normal.

 After jumping out of towers, running through buildings, watching a kid loose his father to the fiery breath of a dragon, I was ready to get of Helgen and hide until the dragon was either killed or left. But I snuck through the lower halls of Helgen, with an axe in hand. Not my weapon of choice. But it helped Ralof and me get through the halls, where we ended up in a cave. Ralof gave me his bow, thank goodness and we snuck through the cave, killing Frostbite Spiders and a Bear. The spiders had some really good venom on them that I took to use for my arrows. Helps bring down the enemy faster. We found our way outofthe cave and the dragon flew over head. Where it was going, I don't know. But we followed the bath down to a road where Ralof took the lead, talking about a living in the shadows of Bleak Falls Barrow. I bet there is some good loot there. Then he talked about some standing stones, which I looked at carefully and choose the one on the left. Nothing like being a good thief when one can walk silently and go unnoticed. But we met up with Ralof's sister, Gerdur and she let me stay at her place when needed. It's late and I have to get up and get an early start to Whiterun, to warn Jarl Balgruff of the dangers he could be facing. Damn dragons. So magestic, but they are a danger to us all.    

 Will write again soon, I hope.