I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been experiencing difficulty playing Skyrim. Am I right? After the 1.2 Patch, I have had an abundance of game freezes. Not only are they frequent and ultimately annoying, but these freezes happen within minutes of playing the game. I play on the PS3 and some of my friends who play Xbox have had the same problem as I have (I'm not sure about PC, though). I've also heard accounts from on the wiki about the frequent freezes. I know that the game came out only one month ago. I know I'm expecting too much, and I know that Skyrim is a massive game, but in my opinion, Bethesda could have done a much better job at patching, instead of breaking the game after the latest one. Ok, that it is all. I am done venting, bitching, complaining, whatever you want to call it.

Oh, just in case some of you are Grammer Nazi's, I apologize for any spelling mistakes.