Jane Doe info: Good at farming and good with rope. Can't swim. Inexperienced in mostly everything else. Can sort of use magic

Inventory:Shovel, rope, leather tunic(equipped), farm clothes, hair tie(still equipped.), Silver axe (Enchanted and named Morgen), 250 septims, Warm clothes(equipped)

Calvus' inventory: Clothes, chainmail armor(equipped), steel sword(equipped), gold ring(equipped), Warm clothes(equipped)

Calvus info: Good at lifting heavy things and hauling items short distances. Has lots of experience repairing and maintaining weapons and armor. Good swimmer. Fast runner. Not many combat skills.

Fenrik inventory: Iron axe(equipped), Clothes (no shirt because it was used to stop Lysona's bleeding)(equipped), Steel armor(equipped),

Fenrik info: Physically strong and can take a beating even without armor. Can intimidate even the toughest foes. Not very fast at anything. Good at convincing other Nords to help him. Impatient.

Kjar info: Great at tracking, Good at hunting, Decent cook, Good at sneaking, Good at climbing, Good archer, Good at fishing, Quick runner, Afraid of trolls

Kjar inventory: Hunter's clothes, Steel bow and arrows(equipped), Warm clothes(equipped)

Lysona info: Good with animals, Good healer, Almost no combat skill, Too trusting of animals, Hates to see animals suffer

Lysona inventory: Leather armor(equipped), Iron dagger(equipped), Emergency healing potion (only half full), Warm clothes(equipped)

Tarim info: Loves birds and anything having to do with flight, Fast runner, Good at distracting people, Terrible at sneaking, No combat skill, Bit of a coward

Tarim inventory: Clothes(equipped), Amulet of flight, Elven armor, Glass dagger  (Not currently a follower)

Casseth info: Powerful mage (except restoration and illusion), Fond of Daedra, Hates birds and Tarim

Casseth inventory: Black mage robes(equipped), Silver ring with daedric lettering(equipped)