This one is a bit different from the other one. It won't be showing skills of characters because the skills of the main characters are basically the same but a bit better and you don't need to know the skills of characters like Roy or Victor. Swims is a unique case in that he has no skills. He is terrible at everything (except swimming I guess) so he can be made into anything you guys want. I might edit this later to keep track of quests and such but I haven't decided on that yet.

Jane's(Dunmer) Inventory: Farm clothes (equipped), Leather tunic (equipped), Morgen (equipped), 1000 septims, History of lockpicking(skill book), The art of war magic(skill book), Way of the exposed palm(skill book), Detect life(spell tome), Bound sword(spell tome)

Jane's spells: Firebolt, Ice Spike, Candlelight, Weak Dispel

Calvus'(Imperial) Inventory: Farm clothes (equipped), Chainmail armor (equipped), Steel sword (equipped)

Fenrik's(Nord) Inventory: Clothes (equipped), Steel axe (equipped)

Kjar's(Nord) Inventory: Clothes (equipped), Dwarven shortsword, Steel bow (equipped), Silver arrows (equipped)

Lysona's(Breton) Inventory: Novice mage robes (equipped)

Lysona's spells: Healing spell, Weak Dispel, Mage Armor spell

Casseth's (Dunmer) Inventory: Black mage robes (equipped), Silver ring with daedric lettering (equipped)

Casseth's spells: Bound axes (summons floating bound axes that can be launched at enemies), Strong Dispel, Fireball, Strong Mage Armor


Swims-With-Slaughterfish's(Argonian) Inventory: Monk robes (equipped), Fur armor, Iron sword, Guide to better thieving, The Doors of Oblivion, Silence, Breathing Water