18th of Last Seed, 4E 201

I am Fenris Shield-Render and this journal is so I may tell my story. I survived a dragon attack at Helgen. Let me explain. I had been captured by the Imperials. I rode to Helgen in an Imperial carriage with a horse thief, a Stormcloak named Ralof, and Ulfric Stormcloak. Once at Helgen I realised they were going to execute me. The horse thief tried to escape his fate but was killed by archers. After that I saw a Stormcloak executed right in front of me and I feared I would soon share the same fate. Luckily for me a dragon attacked just as I was about to be killed. It was a big black one. I've heard the legends. I never believed them. Now I do. I followed Ralof to the keep. I went inside with him too. I didn't trust that Imperial. After fighting my way through the keep and killing countless Imperials (And taking their valuables) I was free. I was alive and I was free. Ralof suggested we split up so I went on without him. He also suggested I talk to his sister in Riverwood. Along the way to Riverwood I found the Guardian stones. Three of the many standing stones in Skyrim. I took the blessing of the Warrior stone and moved on. I don't like to waste time. Just before I reached Riverwood I was attacked by a wolf. I quickly killed it and entered Riverwood. I sold almost everything I took from Helgen. After that I used the pelts I got from the bear in Helgen and the wolf on the road to make some bags so I could carry more*. I decided to have a drink at the inn. After I did so I decided to go to the general store. I sold what I wasn't able to sell to the blacksmith and he told me he wanted me to go get some Golden Claw of his. He offered a reward so I accepted. I then went to talk to Ralof's sister, Gerder. She told me to go talk to the Jarl of Whiterun. I normally wouldn't help someone without being offered a reward but that dragon was a problem for me. He saved my life but also almost killed me. I would have to make him pay. I went back to the inn to sleep before departing. I am currently in the inn writing in this journal. I will leave Riverwood soon. -Fenris Shield-Render


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Okay. So a few things. You may now post suggestions about quests to do and places to go based on the character's backstory and personality. You may also post suggestions to fill in the gaps of Billy's original character suggestion. For example: Does he worship any gods or daedra and if so which ones?