19th of Last Seed, 4E 201

I left the inn. I decided to speak to Gerder again to see if she had anything I could make use of. The only things worth taking were a gem, a ring, and a potion. I sold the ring and the gem. After that I did I little more work at the forge and sold what I made. I left Riverwood and went across the bridge. I was heading for Bleak Falls Barrow. About half-way up I encountered some bandits. I killed the first one easily. Soon after I did so the other two came after me. Two against one. An unfair fight. I was fighting one of the bandits while the other shot arrows at me. Once I killed the one I had been fighting I rushed at the archer. When I got close he drew his dagger. He was easily taken care of. After looting their valuables I continued towards Bleak Falls Barrow. When I reached the ruin it was guarded by bandits. I knew there would be more inside. After killing the bandits on the outside of the ruin I headed inside to take care of the rest and get the golden claw. I thought it would be simple but it never is that simple with these ancient nordic ruins. I went inside to see dead skeevers all over the floor. The bandits hadn't noticed me yet. I attempted to sneak up on them but they soon noticed me. These bandits seemed to be weaker than the ones outside. I took what was worth taking from their bodies and the chest in the room and moved on. As I walked the halls I felt like the ruin would collapse on top of me. I reached a room where a bandit who had not yet noticed me was trying to solve one of the ruin's many puzzles. I took him by surprise and killed him. He proved to be stronger than I expected but he was not strong enough to take me. The puzzle was actually quite simple and I solved it with ease. I continued on and went down a staircase. At the bottom I was attacked by skeevers. I killed the skeevers and went into the next room. In the room I found a scroll of fireball and a paralysis poison. As I walked the next hallway I heard a voice. I followed the sound of the voice into a room filled with spiderwebs. A huge frostbite spider dropped down from the ceiling. I yelled as I rushed into battle. The spider ran in fear. It tried to escape but failed. It was dead and now I could talk to the Dunmer who was trapped in the spider's web. I asked him where the claw was and he just started to go on about the claw and a door in something called "The hall of stories." He told me to cut him down. I didn't want to but I knew it was the only way to get the claw. I didn't trust that Dunmer and I was right not to. As soon as I cut him down he ran off. I began to chase him but before I could get to him he was killed by draugr. After putting the draugr's souls to rest I approached the body of "Arvel the Swift" and took the golden claw and his journal. In the next room I was attacked by more draugr. They easily outnumbered me and were quite the challenge. I took care of the draugr in that room and was about to continue through the ruin but I was faced with a trap. Swinging axes. I watched them carefully and then ran at just the right time to avoid all the axes. The draugr in the next hallway outnumbered me and soon overwhelmed me. I noticed there was oil on the ground and a flaming lamp hanging above. I knocked the lamp down and draugr burned which made things much easier for me. As I entered the next room I began to think the ruin would never end. I soon reached a cav like area with odd glowing mushrooms. I found a skeleton with a pickaxe near an iron ore vein. I took the pickaxe and mined the iron. I continued through the cave structure and fought draugr along the way. Soon I reached the end of the cave and was back into the ruin. I fought a draugr in the room and picked the lock of a nearby chest before moving on to Bleak Falls Sanctum. I soon came across another swinging axe trap. Once again I got through unscathed. In the next room I found more draugr. I killed them and soon found the door that Arvel had told me about. I realised the golden claw was the key to this door. This door had a puzzle. It would have taken all day to solve it just by trying every combination. I looked at the claw and saw the answer was on it. I solved the puzzle and opened the door with the claw. In the next room was an odd wall with some ancient writing on it. I heard some chanting and saw a word on the wall was glowing. I approached the wall. I was enthralled by it. The chanting stopped and so did the glow as I touched the wall. A draugr awoke and got out of the nearby coffin. This one was stronger than any other I had faced thus far. He had also used some strange power. He spoke ancient words and I felt his voice push me. Eventually I killed him. While taking what valuables he had I found an odd stone. I decided to take it as I knew there would be some historian or something who would want it. On the way back to Riverwood I found a little cabin owned by a woman named Anise. It was night when I got back to Riverwood. I returned the golden claw to Lucan and sold him much of what I took from Bleak Falls Barrow. I entered the inn again and rented the room for the night. I will be departing for Whiterun soon. -Fenris Shield-Render


Fenris leveled up to level 5 today. I chose health the first time then stamina and then health and so on. (switching and choosing the one I didn't choose last time(not counting magicka)) If billy (or anyone else) thinks I should do it differently then he should say something about it. If he (or anyone else) doesn't tell me to do it any differently I will continue to do it like that. As for perks I saved them and will be waiting for suggestions on what perks to choose.